Week 50 – June 29, 2016

06 Jul

This week we had some pretty funny bad luck. We will start with one of our investigators, Mafalda. So, we went to her house to go teach her a lesson.   She came out to the gate (all houses big, small, cheap, and/or expensive have big metal gates all around the house). She saw it was us and went back in to go and get the key to open the gate and came back like ten minutes later.  She couldn’t find the keys, so, we suggested places to look and she went back to go look some more and still couldn’t find them. So, we couldn’t teach her because she was locked in her house. So, since she was locked in, we went to the store and bought her bread for the day because she couldn’t. Pretty funny experience.

We were giving another lesson and there was a knock at the door.  The man in the house got up and left to the back of the house. The wife answered the door and was outside for about 5 minutes then came back in… it was the police at the door. We still don’t know what happened, but, you know it’s better that we don’t know.

On Saturday, we also had the opportunity to lock ourselves out of our house… So, we come to our house after a long days work to pick up the Tupperware for our lunch that we had to go pick up. We got to our house and I didn’t have the keys, so we went and got our food (without our Tupperware) and told the family we were getting our food from what had happened… they laughed. We called the office and they told us to come to the office. So, we went to the office and hung out with the office elders and finally left to their house at about 2am (because the office elders had to do a bunch of stuff for the new mission president).   We got to bed at about 2:30am and woke up in the morning in our same clothes still. We met the dude working on our house and luckily he had a copy of our keys and he was able to take us to our house so we could put on our suits on and go to church. I want you all to know I did this all holding our food (our lunch) the whole time.  When we got to church, everyone asked me what happened to my face. (Chileans are very direct) I had huge purple bags under my eyes. Pretty funny story to have.

You all might have heard but just in case you haven’t, Chile WON the Cup of America! Pretty cool. I was making calls to people in my district and then everyone started screaming and all the people flooded the streets. People were lighting off fireworks and shooting their guns and blowing horns it was crazy and so loud. I was glad to see that Chile won. I bought a Chile jersey because I gotta represent “mi país”.

We went out in the morning to go and teach and people were still celebrating and still drinking it was pretty impressive.

Earlier in the week this drunk guy stopped us to talk to us. My companion and I both couldn’t understand him, so, we told him we had to go and I gave him a picture of Jesus. When I gave him that card his face changed and he got so happy! It was amazing to see. Now every time we see him he shows us his card of Jesus he has and he thanks us. I am now “Chandler 2.0”.  Now, I help the drunks and not make fun of them… But, who am I kidding, I will still mess around with them a little.

But yeah that was my week.

Les amo
Elder Chilean Pride

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