Week 51 – July 6, 2016

13 Jul

One year to GOOOO next fourth of July, I will be arriving home to Colorado.

This week went by flying not going to lie and I did a bad job of tracking what all happened. It was a good week.

Well, on thursday we go our bikes!  We were stoked on that. They are so much fun and I’m getting pretty good at riding wheelies, jumping speed bumps and kicking dogs that try to bite us as we go by.

Yesterday, Elder Stam wasn’t quite fast enough and a zombie dog bit him. (Zombie dogs are  dogs that are losing their fur so they are half bald and look like zombies). It bit him and got his pants pretty good, but luckily the dog didn’t break skin so we didn’t have to go to the hospital to get shots. But other than that, the bikes are definitely treating us really well.

This week in the morning we were doing contacts because we had nothing else to do so for 3 hours, so we tried to contact people to tell them about what we believe in. Nobody answered the door for 3 hours and I mean nobody answered. Lunch time rolled around and so we decided to try one more house that caught my attention and finally someone answered. It was a girl named Andikary and we have been teaching her and she’s so awesome. We taught her the next day and gave her the book of mormon and the next day we saw her in the street and told us how she read some of the book and had so many questions and loved the book so we are stoked about that.

For lunch one day we didn’t have lunch plans, but, a while ago someone gave us clams so we decided to make a clam soup. We put some beef soup mix in some water with potatoes and then two eggs and the shelled clams. It was pretty average and I definitely wouldn’t have eaten it if I wasn’t hungry! The whole day we were super tired because, now I know clams make you sleepy. We had some soup left over so we gave it to dude (the dog) and he loved it, but, in the afternoon he smelt pretty bad.

This P-day (today) President invited some missionaries to his house. He gave us pizza,  we played ping pong, air hockey and soccer in his yard. He also let us watch the new star wars movie and it was great but we didn’t finish it, but we get to next week which will be sick. I’m so excited. President lives in the richest part of Santiago so his house is pretty nice. He also had a break away rim on his basket ball court so we were all pretty happy about that.

All in all it was a good week. The fourth of July we didn’t do anything special but I wore red white and blue to support my country.

Man looks like you guys are having a ton of fun on the boat this summer, I wish I could be there, but, I’m enjoying my time here.

Love you all,
Elder Kick the dog and petal fast

ps computer wont let me send photos again.

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