Week 52 – July 13, 2016

19 Jul

This week was another super fast week and was pretty low key. The bikes are super fun! I still don’t have a picture with it yet but next week for sure. I am getting pretty good a kicking the dogs that are constantly trying to bite my leg because I’m on a bike.

Well, I want you all to know that Dude still follows us everywhere even with our bikes. He just runs along side of us. I think he’s the most loyal dog in the whole world! He’s a pretty great dog.
But lets see, this Saturday we went to the temple which was pretty fun and a good experience.


At the Temple

Funny story of the week. We were talking to this old lady and she she was tellig us how she can’t come outside until after August. We asked her why that is? She responded, “all the old people like me get sick and then we die in August.”   She told us to come back after August and I’ll come out, it was so funny. So I guess here in Chile if you live past August you live for another year. pretty funny.

This week you will all be happy to know I haven’t missed a day on my work outs and I’m actually losing some weight. But, its hard because people offer to give us what ever food.

Well that’s about all I can remember about this week and we are short on time because my companion has to go and say goodbye to people.


The Companion and I

But Andikary is doing super good and she’s making a lot of progress.

Loving it out here!

Love you all!


Celebrating my one year anniversary this week.

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