Week 53 – July 20, 2016

21 Jul

This week was pretty freaking crazy.

My retainer recently broke, so I found an orthodontist to try to get a new one.  I went to the orthodontist and they did nothing at the first appointment, so, I go back again this Friday to take my mold and such. Should be taken care of this week, but, they fixed my retainer so I can wear it at night so that’s good.

Well, with nice bikes, comes big responsibility! This week our bikes were stolen. But, we got then back… Sunday night we went to this dudes house that wanted us to help him get off drugs and alcohol.  His name is Julio. A kid came out of the house to let us come in and we asked if we could bring our bikes inside. He said just leave then outside, I will put a lock on them. We were in the house for less than a minute and we walked out and our bikes weren’t there. Right out front of this house is a cement soccer court where people were playing soccer. They told us “they went that way” and we went  and continued to talked to everyone asking them if they had seen the bikes. Talked to this one person and they asked us if it was at the house of Julio and we said yes. She was like, “well that explains it all he’s a thief”. So we go back and yell at his house. He comes out and I told him to get us our bikes in 5 minutes or I’m calling the police. He  said alright lets go and look for my son because his son is the one that was going to put the lock on but instead just left with our bikes. He lead us away from his house so his son could hide the bikes I think. After 5 minutes, I called the cops and we were coming back and I saw the two kids on the bikes and I took off in a full sprint and was catching up to them… I was running so fast. They looked back and saw me and ditched the bikes. I got to my bike and picked it up (my companion was still behind me, he couldn’t  keep up with my sprinting) and I started after these guys but then they went over a fence, so I stopped after I was just getting close to them.  Then after all that, we waited for the police to show up until 11:30, but, they never came. We know the names of both the kids and what they look like. I am a pretty good at arguing in Spanish and we did a lot of that before we got our bikes back. But that was pretty crazy.


Our bikes.  Pretty nice!

Other than that, our week was pretty good.  A German shepherd almost got me on the bike this week, but my trusty break and kick worked great.

As you’ll see in the picture I had “divs” with Elder Palacios a Chileno from my group it was really fun.


Me and Elder Palacios

We also got this huge piece of bread. Here in Chile they eat so much break its ridiculous. Chilean diet coke and bread and that’s all they eat its crazy.


Enjoying the HUGE bread.

But yeah, it was a good and crazy week .

This P-day again we are saying goodbye to people again. Its pretty boring because they just talk about the good times they had, so yeah, but it’s the last P-day we have to do it.

Love you guys Tons!

Elder Thief Catcher

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