Week 54 – July 27, 2016

03 Aug

Elder Spidey

This week was a pretty good week but thank goodness our bikes weren’t stolen. Have’nt seen those guys that stole our bikes since the incident so thats been nice.

Weeks are going by so fast it’s hard to believe.

The weather here is so annoying. Some days I need a sweater AND my down jacket AND my parka and then the next day I need just a sweater its pretty unpredictable.


P-Day.  Nice weather clothes.

Today for p-day, I went with Elder Vidal and we went and ate at PF Changs. Oh man, it was super good and there were a lot of white people there as well which was also weird. It’s weird hearing people speak English that aren’t missionaries. The mall was so sick and had a tons of American stuff. I felt really at home but then we came back to the ghetto and I feel even more at home. Oh, also ate some Dunkin Donuts which was alright. They don’t know how to make donuts here but it was a good try.

We have changes next week which will be cool to see what happens. I’ll most likely be staying in my same sector which is crazy. I have been here for 7 months which is crazy. Doesn’t happen a whole lot.

In other news, Mafalda will be baptized on the 7th so we are working hard towards that. Lisette and Rodolfo are getting a divorce. (Which was already in process before I met them) They are both doing good they are a couple that I baptized a while back. And they are doing super good and are my favorites.

We are biking a ton and getting pretty good exercise which is nice. This week ate liver… I’m pretty sure… so called “hamburger meat”.

Love you all tons

Elder Hood rat

Dad, I know you’re having the time of your life in Hawaii driving around on my scooter… its a fun thing. When you take the scooter to campus take the road that follows the coast all the way up to Laie, you’ll really enjoy the ride its pretty cool. But yeah, I’m pretty jealous, but excited to live through McKinnon. Tell her not to worry, everything works out… just look at Chandler.



Mirror selfie. Time for a hair cut.

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