Week 55 – August 3, 2016

07 Aug

Its p-day. Internet location.

Sounds and looks like a pretty fun trip to Hawaii.  I wish I could have been there with you guys.   I’m excited for when we go back after I’m home next year… that will be fun.

This week we had changes and once again I stayed which I’m happy about. I really love this ward and the people here in this sector. My companion’s name is Elder Stacey. He is best friends with Elder Smith “my kid” and they are both from Virginia. We are both district leader which will really take a lot of the work load from me which will be nice. SAM_0127

This week I had some pretty “churchy” experiences. Well, I have them every day, but, a this week some especially cool ones. The other day we past by the house of Adriana and Carlos (some current investigators – people that are learning about our church) and we had stopped going by for a while because things came up or they weren’t there when we did stop by.   But, we went this week and they told us “thank you for coming, we have been missing this feeling we get when ever you guys come by… and we miss having that feeling for the week.” It was pretty cool to see that people know we are different than just your average white guy that talks about God.

Also, I had the opportunity to do an interview with a little girl for her baptism. Everyone that gets baptized has to have an interview. I gave her the interview and I think I felt the spirit stronger with that little girl than any other time in my mission. It was amazing, this 10 year old girl had been waiting 3 years to be baptized. Her dad that is a drunk and drug addict finally gave her permission. She was so concerned for his well being.  She was so loving, showing love for everyone, she told me all she wants to be is an example to her father and follow Christ. The only thing I could do was cry, it was so amazing. I will never forget this girl ever in my life.

This week I went to the orthodontist again and this time the subway broke while we were on it so we all had to get off and we were in Santiago and had no idea where we were. Luckily someone gave us directions and we got there finally.

On Monday, Oscar Ortega was my comp.  He is a 17 year old in our ward preparing for a mission. I had a pretty fun time with him. While were were lost going to the orthodontist appointment we found a Cinnabon! It was like finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. So, of course, we had to stop and get got some cinnamon rolls. They were so good, but, because of this delay we had to run to the ortho office. I arrived totally sweating… it was pretty funny.  Great day with oscar.

My new Companion, Elder Stacey, is a really cool guy, but, his bike skills need some work. He crashed twice yesterday, it was pretty funny. The first time he didn’t know you had to pop your front wheel to get up curbs… you can already picture that one. The other was at a cross walk when he lost his balance in front of a bunch of cars. I know I’m a bad companion, but, it was so funny. He got up and said, “I’m not hurt, but my pride is taking a beating.”  SAM_0129

I finally have someone that does exercises with me which is nice. I do have one complaint. I have been on the mission for 13 months now and have only had one Latino companion. You would think being in a country in South America, you would have more Latinos instead of white people, but, not in my case now.

SAM_0135Ate Chinese food this week. It’s really good, but not to sure about the meat they use but its all good.  The other day I ate cow nerve which is just fat I swear,  it was pretty gross. I’m eating for breakfast oat meal. It’s pretty gross as well, but I just deal with it because it fills me up and its easy.

Loving it and having fun.

Elder Cinnabon over everything

Mucho cariño

Love you guys

Here is a video of Dude the dog and his “on command” special car chasing skills.

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