Week 56 – August 10, 2016

11 Aug

This week was pretty crazy not going to lie. Sunday we went to the limit of our sector which is a road behind a big hill so it took an hour to ride there and when we got back to this area we couldn’t  find the 2 houses people had told us to go too so that was annoying.

The Orthodontist stuff, I figured out… I smoothed talked to a helper to do the money transfer for me, I used my sweet charm. I will pick it up tomorrow hopefully. But yeah, it’s going good, if you send a package send some shirts like 2 would be good because my collars are starting to rip.

Elder Stacey is improving a ton with his bike skills, I’m very proud, but he had a set back on Sunday when he hit a bump, then hit the stopped car at a stop light. It was hilarious. At first I was worried he hurt the car, but, the people in the car were more worried about him. He was fine but after he got up and saw he was fine, I had a good laugh it was pretty funny. Then I thought we could  take a short cut home, but it turned out to be a long cut (my bad).   Took a 2 hour bike ride home, but hey it was a beautiful night and a good exercise which was good.


Elder Stacey and I bowling with the Zone.

Another crazy thing happened, we were teaching Andikary one of our investigators, and she had just gotten some teeth pulled but told us to come in anyway. We were finishing the lesson and she started to faint. I caught her falling and then had to call for her mom; very awkward situation but 4 days later we laughed about it.

In cool mission stuff, I got a quad in Spanish (combo scriptures..4 books) its sick and so small.  They put the cover on upside down so its even cooler.


This isn’t my new quad, but my favorite study drink, Mate


Elder Stacey studying and me taking pictures

Yesterday I was riding my bike and these two fytes (hood rats) yelled at me so I decided to stop and try to talk to them. They picked up some rocks and threw them at me and one hit my back pack then they ran off. Man, I was so mad after that happened and wanted to go chase them down, but some how got myself not to.  Im happy about that. Old chandler would have gone after them and got more rocks thrown at him and maybe shot.

We are teaching this lady called Daisy and a less active named Marisol they are friends but we teach them in a “trap house” (a place drugs are sold) and there are so many drugs going in and out of the house its really hard to teach, so we told them to stop for an hour and they did! It was pretty cool how they respected us because we were helping their family and friends.


Me and the frame of some drug addicts house

In the mission I have the opportunity to meet a lot of people with a lot of different backgrounds and they are so different, and each has a story, and a lot of them are very tough. The other day this kid that lived in the street, he is 15, stole a car and the people came after him and beat him to death. A 15 year old boy that lived in the street. Very sad to hear. I see a lot of hard things, and hear of more. But, I can really see how the gospel has changed, is changing, and can change many peoples lives rich or poor so remember not everyone is like you, but everyone can change.

On the bright side I’ve been able to see a little bit of the olympics and they are so amazing! But, the Chileans are a little mad the Americans win everything.

Much love Everyone,

Elder Fytes throw rocks like girls


Elder Palacios and I trying to look Handsome, didn’t work.


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