Week 57 – August 17, 2016

22 Aug

This week was a really awesome week, well, apart from the #4. #4 you may be asking?… why 4? But, you will find out.SAM_0172

This week Mafalda will be baptized which we are super happy about. Its been a long process but so worth it because we can really see how the gospel has changed her life. Rodolfo, the dude we baptized a while back, will baptize her so we are also stoked that he will be able to use his priesthood to do that.

A lot of Haitians have been moving to Chile because of all the problems in their country so this week we found a couple that speak English so we taught them in English because they don’t know Spanish and holy crap it was so freaking hard. I literally had such a hard time finding the words. Sometimes it easier to speak Spanish or use Spanish words than to use English, like no kidding, so that was interesting.

Hermano Ortega one of my favorite families here in the mission has been in the hospital because he had a tumor in his leg that was eating his femur. He fell and it broke so they finally got the results back after 2 weeks and they will finally operate this week or the next.  We went to visit him and he had been waiting, I found out, for me to give him a blessing. I felt super honored!   He’s in a double room and before we gave him the sacrament, and during it, this dude in the bed next too him and this lady started fighting. They were like punching, the dude tried touching her butt and she didn’t like that (it was his wife) and she punched him in the “you know where” and then punched his broken leg. She left and then came back 4 times to fight with him. It was a pretty crazy fight. But, during the blessing of health I gave to Hermano Ortega everything was so quiet and the spirit was so strong. It was amazing and a great experience.

riding on the dirt roads

Riding to appointments at night on the muddy dirt roads

Also, this week we found a family that is super awesome with a very sad story. They moved to the ghetto were I am because their house burned down and a couple of family members died in the fire. So, they only had enough money for a little house where we live (in the ghetto). They are amazing people. I had just bought a chocolate bar for some people that are trying to quit smoking but they smoked this week so they didn’t get their chocolate.  So, I had this bar of chocolate I could give them and I did.  The chocolate bar meant the world to them, they were so thankful. We later found out that they hadn’t eaten since lunch the day before, so, it had been a day since they had eaten. This made my heart sad.  We were able to talk to the bishop so now they have food to eat, but, they are so humble and really want to progress in the church and come closer to God. There are some really amazing people where I am.

#4 well this week… I was bitten once again by a dog, so, that makes it the fourth time that I have been bitten by a dog. But this dog was a lab, a lot bigger than the others. We had just finished contacting the amazing family we found and I got on my bike and BAM! the dog bit me. I got off my bike and chased it down to try to get a good kick on it, but it ran too fast :/ But yeah, it got me pretty good.  Luckily we saw it 2 days later and it’s not dead so I don’t have rabies which is good.  Otherwise I would have to get 6 shots in the butt. But I’m all good, no worries.

I love the people here in Chile and I know that I am here for a reason. I know there are people waiting for me to teach them and to hear what I have to say. That’s what keeps me going!


Love you all, and remember to watch out for dogs!!!

Elder lucky number 4

PS…Things I need: old spice aqua reef deodorant and the zit cream with the stuff that drys them out, and that’s about it. I bought some stance socks today but could always use more they had a sale 40% off so I got two for like 12 dollars ddddeeeeaaalllls! Mom, your veggies look good but everyone here eats tomatoes so I have to force them down, still don’t like them. What are you dong to keep busy at home? Looks like you’re having fun and dads traveling a lot which is cool.

we made cookies

Elder Stacey and I made cookies.

made cookies

cookie skills



Elder Hormazabal and I

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