Week 58 – August 24, 2016

25 Aug


This week was a pretty busy week but, no, I wasn’t bitten by another dog and nothing that crazy happened.

Hermano Ortega got back from the hospital yesterday. He got his operation and they took out the tumor and fixed his leg. When we heard he was home, we went straight to his house. He was happy to see us and is recovering and doing well which is a really big answer to a lot of prayers. That man amazes me!

In other news, Mafalda was baptized this week on Sunday after church which was awesome! She was very nervous before her baptism.  She was so tense that she had to be baptized twice because she put her arm up out of the water the first time. The second time was perfect. It was so cool to see someone that I baptized early in my mission baptizing someone else that I taught as well. Mafalda was so happy after! It was so amazing. After we got back into the chapel, she grabbed my hand and said to me, “soy mormona!!!!” (I’m mormon) She was so happy and she is now apart of the nub squad as you can see by the picture.


Elder Stacey, Mafalda, Rodolfo, and I at Mafalda’s baptism.


All nubsquad

Had a super fun division this week with Elder Lee who is from Utah. We were in his sector, the biggest sector in our mission, and boy is it big. We rode a lot that day on the bike. My butt hurt pretty bad after that day.


Elder Lee (from Utah) and I 

But, as far a Dude (the dog) goes, he’s doing I guess you could say ok. He got in a fight and got bit in his man part and has been bleeding a lot from his man part. It’s chunky blood so everyone has to kinda ignore him so he doesn’t get excited and bleed more. He’s getting better but no one is really sure what happened to him. He went to the vet and got checked out and is taking medicine and is getting better but there are blood stains all over the parking lot of the stake center. But he’s getting better (he has this huge bone right now so he’s happy).

I made cookies again and I basically know the recipe by heart now. For p-day today as a district we made desserts and brought them in and had a contest. I didn’t win but I did get third out of 8 so I’m happy with my cookies.


My district minus two and our baking competition

We also played volleyball today which wasn’t the funnest thing I have played. It was more a game of patience for me but it was good to get out and play. Well I may have gained some weight through the mission but what is important is that I can still dunk, so it’s all good.


Volleyball Champs (if there were any)

Today we were walking out of the chapel and two girls in there 20´s came up to us and asked us if we could come to their house one day and teach them because they want to be baptized. They gave us their names and numbers and address. They live in a super sketchy part of our mission so we will see what happens. We are very skeptical of this because this never happens, so hopefully it’s not a trap.

We had a really good week and are looking forward to another good one.

Side story of the baptism is I was going to check the water in the font and didn’t realize how high it was, so, I stepped down the stairs and stepped into the water about up to my calf. My foot was soaking wet, so during the whole baptism my right leg was wet and my shoe squeaked so loud everyone knew I stepped in the font.  Pretty classic Chandler moment.

Love you guys.

Shouts to the Nubsquad and newest member Mafalda

Elder Betty Crocker

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