Week 59 – August 31, 2016

02 Sep

This week was a super fast week! I literally feel like I had p-day 3 days ago.

This week Mafalda was confirmed a member of the church (after we have a baptism and then after they receive the gift of the holy ghost through a confirmation). We showed up to church and church was just about to start and right before it started they asked me to give a talk in church. One of the people that was going to give a talk wasn’t there. So the speaker and Mafalda weren’t there and we were getting a little worried.  Finally the speaker showed up so I didn’t have to give a talk which was nice. But Mafalda still wasn’t there so we got scared. She was suppose to be confirmed at the beginning of the church service, then, after about 30 minutes she showed up and all of our fear went away. We confirmed her a member of the church and it was so amazing! She was so happy! I love to be able to see peoples lives change.

The “Betty Crockers” went at it again this week! We made oven pancakes this week which were pretty freaking good if I do say so myself. Our floor isn’t flat or leveled so our oven leans to one side to the oven pancakes were super thick on one side and super thin on the other. SAM_0237

Also, I got a really sick this week (food poisoning)  and we have no idea what I ate because we ate then same stuff.  But, I had a double headed dragon. (for my family, It was the same thing that I got when we went to Mexico).


Soda and tea when sick

This week one of the area 70s came and had meetings and he spoke to us (gave a talk).  It was super good so and that’s why I didn’t write yesterday.

I also meet this guy with a super cool jeep this week while I was on divisions this week with Elder Palacios again. Man, I got the dude talking about his jeep! I told him I had a jeep and he gave me his number pretty cool. SAM_0222

I also meet this dude with a super nice motorcycle this week. I talked to him about it and told him I have my motorcycles license and he asked me if I wanted to take it out of a spin! Oh man, it was so hard for me to say no. (as missionarys we cant ride a motorcycle).

But other than being sick, its been a good week. I also received a package from my mom this week and when ever you get a package it makes your week and you fell a little like your at home which is nice. I don’t know how my mom does it but she manages to fit so much stuff into a package, she has a gift.

In other news, more drunk people yelled at us and my “son” Elder Smith was robbed! I’m out for blood for who ever hurt my son! If you have any tips, you know who to call.

Update on my dog bite.  Do I have rabies?  No…I would be dead by now if I had rabies so I’m good. But my bite will scar and its pretty tender still. My mom asked me if I wanted dog mace or an ultrasonic dog deterrent for the dog issues.  Haha no, I’m ok, they always just sneek up on me and then bite me.

This week we got money for lunch one day so we went and got sushi and it was such a great experience. We went to this hole in the wall place and the sushi was massive and it was so good! Also ate some more rice with chicken. I think about 3 times a week I eat rice with chicken and coca cola. You know what? I used to be sick of it, but now, I just really like it. So, when I go home, I will always be cooking my arroz con pollo.

Elder Arroz con Pollo

Love you guys

shouts to the nubsquad

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