Week 60 – September 7, 2016

10 Sep

This week will be my last week in my beloved  lo blanco. The kids here call me Tio Brown because I’ve been here so long which make me feel pretty cool not going to lie (Tio = Uncle). Speaking of Tio, I bought some shampoo last week thats called “tio nacho” and it is hands down the best shampoo in the world! My hair is so soft, everyone needs to by it. The only reason I know I’m leaving is because I have an “in” with the office elders so they gave me a little heads up.  They get to know all the changes in the mission before they are announced on transfer day. But we will see where I go. I hope I go somewhere even more in the ghetto and I also hope that I have a Latino companion.   That’s my dream, we will see what happens.


Here is a picture of my desk.  Where I eat sometimes and study.

This week was pretty fast and I really don’t have much to talk about. Summer is coming and it’s starting to get hot. So I’m taking off the sweaters. I’m not going to lie, it feels really weird not wearing a sweater.

This week we went around getting food for Maria and Valesca, the people that had their house burn down and were left with nothing. We needed to collect some food for them because our bishop still hasn’t gone to the store house to pick up their food.  So we found a flour sack and went around to some of the members in our ward and they all gave us some food. So we walked around for about and hour with a large flour sack full of food.  People yelled at us saying, “viejito Pascuero viene temprano” (santa is coming early) it was pretty funny.  We got a good work out and the family got their food which we are happy about.


My new Hawaiian socks my family sent me from Hawaii.  My P-day NIKE shoes are obviously well used from all the service work and walking everywhere.

Also, poor Elder Stacey still just has bad luck with the bike! We were riding and his brakes just broke, who knows how, but I braked to stop at a house and Elder Stacey just kept on going past me. It was pretty funny. But no worries, I fixed it for him, but it broke yesterday again as well.


Elder Stacey and I

I never liked watching soccer before my mission, but Chile played this week. So when they play, everyone watches it so we got to see most of the game and it’s so funny because now I kinda like watching it.  I never thought this would happen. I already got my Chile jersey with my name on it, so I’m ready when I get home to watch all the Chile soccer games!!!

This week I passed my return date so now I’m in single digits. Now I’m less than 10 months which is super crazy! Time goes by so fast its crazy.


Lots of Hot Dogs

I Love this sector and the people here, but, I know it’s my time to go and help some other people that are waiting. Next Wednesday you will all know where I went and who my comp will be.

Tio Brown
Dear Mother,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY EARLY one day early.  Everyone still gets confused in the family picture which one is my mom because you look so young.  I Love you so much and thanks for everything you do for me love love love you!
Here is your card.  Happy 20th birthday




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