Week 61 – September 14, 2016

19 Sep

This week made it 9 months since I’ve had a sector change!


Goodbye to my sector.

I was at the south of the mission and moved up to almost the top of the mission. So I had quite the long journey to my new sector. To make it worse, we had to take the bus! So my companion and I, with all of my stuff, go on the bus and went I bet we looked pretty funny.  As we were walking around the streets of Santiago with my suit cases, people would walk by us and ask if we got kicked out of our house. It was pretty funny.
My new sector is pretty big as well, but we do not have bikes so I will be doing a lot of walking which I’m not use to, but it will be good.

My new comps name is Elder Villalobos he’s about 5´5 and he’s a super cool dude. He’s from El Salvador which is pretty cool. I think he’s the only missionary in the mission from El Salvador. I finally got my latino companion so I’m pretty happy about that.


Elder Villalobos and I on the bus on transfer day.

The ward I’m in will be pretty cool and every missionary from colorado has served here and I’m not joking so thats pretty crazy. Our new house it pretty cool, we live in an apartment that is pretty nice in Chilean standards. We had a great view that looks to the mountains it’s very beautiful.

Today for p-day we went and played soccer and I had a great time so it was worth it. After soccer, we went and got some food… we ate “shawarma” which isn’t even Chilean, its from the middle east somewhere but it’s really good.1280px-shawarma_2223426004

I twisted my ankle pretty good today its pretty swollen and I’m having a hard time walking. Even my toes are swollen, so it really painful.

I bought some new mate this week with infused honey… wow, pretty impressive right’? I’m super excited to drink it tomorrow.

We had the 11 of September on Sunday, so we couldn’t make contacts or street visits because it’s the “purge”. We went to church then ate dinner with Lisette and ate sushi and oysters and they we super good! We even made the sushi, it was a pretty fun day and then we slept and hung out in the house.

I really will miss lo Blanco!


I will miss them all.

The members asked president if I could go back this Sunday to have lunch with them and he said yes, so, we get to go back Sunday to have lunch. This Sunday is also the 18 of September which is like the 4th of July here in Chile, so it’s going to be super fun and we have a bunch of church activities to celebrate so we are looking forward to that.

Elder that has a sick mountain view

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