Week 62 – September 21, 2016

26 Sep

Well this week was a good one and it went by pretty quick.

So I’ve had a cough for about a month and finally asked someone about it. I have some sort of infection so I’m on some meds, but it’s all good because nothing hurts. Mostly, I just cough stuff up so its pretty gross because sometimes we will be talking to people and I will have to cough and stuff comes up, but I can’t spit in someone’s house, so I have to swallow it. It’s nasty.

Other news, this week was the 18 of Septiembre so it was fun but not really…. the Family Ortega (family from my last ward) asked the mission president if I could go to their house and eat lunch with them so we got to do that which was great to do.  We had lunch with them and Elder Stacey and his new companion, it was so good to go back. There was no one in the streets and I mean no one! The streets were empty because everyone leaves Santiago and goes to the beach or to the south of Chile. Those that were home, are in their house so it made it super hard for us to contact and teach. The 18 of Septiembre lasts the whole week, but on Monday we got a break and people started inviting us to eat with them which was pretty cool.  People we had never met would see us and asked us if we wanted some meat, of course we said yes! We were so full at the end of the day. Then the night hits so when we would contact people, we would always start by asking if they had any left overs to give us. They would usually smile or laugh and then come talk to us at their gate (everyone in Chile has a gate, if you don’t have a gate you wont have a house for long).

We had our ward activity this week which was really fun and we played a bunch of games. My favorite game was the laso game. This guy will swing a rope with something Soft/hard at the end and you have to run to where he is and then run back out and not get hit. I didn’t get hit but my comp got his hard twice the poor guy, but he’s ok.

We are doing a ton of walking which is good, but what makes it hard is that its getting hot and the sweating has begun…… the summer is coming

Us bowling again. Latinos love bowling (I haven’t lost yet, bowled a 159 today)
My companion in front of a cop car and the back of it a dude is getting arrested I think but he had handcuffs on.
Saw this drunk dude carrying a beer and it said duff just like the Simpsons, so I asked if I could hold his beer and take a picture with him (he told me to have it, I took it and dumped it out and threw it away).
Love you guys

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