Week 63 – September 28, 2016

01 Oct

This week went by flying. We did a ton of contacts (contacts are when we go “annoy” people and knock on their door asking if they want to learn about Christ). We had a ton of success which was nice, but also got a bunch or rude comments and the fingers. But, it doesn’t make me mad any more instead, it makes me laugh because they are so wrong. I found some pretty cool people this week.  I found a couple that wanted to hear our message and came back to their house and they made us pancakes so that was sweet. Then, it turns out the dude plays baseball and was about to walk onto the Yankees MLB team so he was the first Chilean that plays baseball I’ve met.

Also, we had a less active member on Sunday come to church randomly after 10 years. He told us he wants to come back to church. He was a rapper but then decided to change and studied engineering and graduated college and instead of drugs he plays basketball. He told me he knows some good places we can go play, I was super happy and he’s a tall guy so soon we are going to go play in down town Santiago.


Big dog and I

Also, met this old lady names Rosa and she opened the door because she thought we were FBI. So, we took advantage and later told her who we were, but boy, she told us everything! (Pretty crazy story too much to write).  I couldn’t be serious with her because as she was sobbing, her dentures kept falling out and then she would put them in, and then cry and they would come out again… it was too funny.

Lesson of the week:  We met one of 50 Hells Angels in Chile because I started talking to him about his motorcycle. I told him I had my motorcycle license and he thought I was pretty cool, but, turns out he’s a bad dude with the law. His girlfriend is a cop, but, they believe a ton in God and told us he wanted to learn more. So don’t judge the big dudes with Hells Angels leather jackets because they are nice too.

I haven’t gone to the mall to buy some new shirts. We were going to go today, but, my companion has no money. I had to buy his lunch today, but, I wanted pizza anyway and it was buy one get one free, so, it’s ok!


American Pizza

In other news, as we were walking here to the internet place, we saw a lady get robbed but she fought the robber and then got her purse back. Then the robber ran away but a dude in his car hit him, but then robber still got away. Then right after that we saw not one, but two fights!  It was a crazy 5 minute walk, but I swear my sector is really quiet, but it was a crazy day.

But, yeah, thats a wrap.

Love you guys,

Shouts to the NUBSQUAD

Elder One of the Crazys

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