Week 65 – October 12, 2016

15 Oct

This week was pretty low key. My new comp is a good guy and we get a long pretty well and have a lot to talk about which is good.


Sushi Time

Today we had to clean our house and I swear it’s not that dirty, but, every 6 weeks we have to do a deep clean which stinks to do but it wasn’t too bad.

We still do a lot of contacting which is pretty fun and I like contacting more and more.

On the food side of my week we got these popsicles that are so freaking weird! They are called “lenguas” (tounges).  After the first layer comes off the popsicle, the popsicle feels like a tongue (the texture of a tongue) its so weird! But they are really good so that was cool.

I met someone the other day what was 102 years old!

We did splits with some of the members here and I took a member to a ghetto part of the sector. I was telling him how nothing ever happens here and it all would be fine, then about 5 kids walk by all with pistols. He freaked out a little, so we went somewhere else.



Beautiful Mountain View from my apartment.

Today we are going to play basketball with some members that actually play basketball and like to play! So, of course, I’m pretty excited about that.

click here for a 5 second video of a nice dunk:

Oh, another thing that’s pretty cool is that I’m losing weight thanks to the mate I drink each day.  I drink a liter of mate every morning and lets just say it makes all your food leave you body quick and leaves you full! So if you’re all trying to lose weight, drink some mate, and do some T-25 with your boy Shaun T.

All is going well and thanks everyone for all your support!

If you’ve lost my email address, You can email me directly at

Or write me at:

Elder Chandler Brown
Chile Santiago South Mission
Apartado Postal No. 544
San Bernardo
Region Metropolitana (Santiago)

Much love,
shouts to the #NUBSQUAD  And Kyle,

Elder “i swear it’s not dangerous”

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