Week 67 – October 26, 2016

31 Oct

This week was pretty crazy.  I saw and met some crazy people and also some really cool people. Also, this week I didn’t eat anything too weird, so that was nice for my stomach.


Nerdy Elder Chan

Story number 1 of the week… Well, here in Chile everyone yells at me “HELLO”  and it doesn’t even sounds like English word. But, this week I heard a “HEY” and it was an older guy so I decided to talk to him because maybe he actually knew English! He did know English and he was drunk, but he invited us to his house. He is an alcoholic so he functions like a normal person while he is drunk. We go to his house and he asks us if we can help him quit drinking… we, of course, told him yes! He was talking to us in English the whole time and my companion didn’t really understand what was going on the whole time.  He told us he is an American and went to Iraq to fight and then he went and worked for the secret service. At first I didn’t believe him but then he showed us all his pictures and pins and ID cards, it was crazy.  The dude speaks 6 languages, its amazing. After that first visit, we kept trying to visit him, but now we can never find him. My friend from the Secret Service, JC.

Crazy story number 2… We were sitting on the front porch at Juan´s house and this car comes literally flying by doing at least 80 mph.  Juan gets up and says, “they are going to crash” and then we hear two cars crash! We get up to see what happened and about 50 feet from Juan’s house, the car blew a stop sign and hit a car going normal speed. These two guys in the car that was going fast hurried to hop out and run, but, the police were right there. One guy escaped but they caught the other one. (later they found the other guy) The two guys had just stolen the car. While were were standing there watching, the radiator from the car exploded and it left my ears ringing. It was super crazy. We went to go see the cars and they were both destroyed – the car that got hit, then hit a cement post and this cement post is about 2 feet thick of cement and the car broke it and then cut all the power in the neighborhood. Pretty crazy to see something like that.



Also, I got a new companion once again and his name is Elder Salucios. He is from Brazil, San Paulo. But he’s a really cool guy. I want to learn Portuguese, so we will see if I can learn it so I can talk to my dad in Portuguese.


Saying goodbye to Elder Gavilanez


I am still the district leader, so nothings changed there. We also received 2 more missionaries to our house this week.They split our sector into two sections so that kinda sucked because now we both have to share the area and there aren’t that many people to teach so we have to do a lot of contacts. The new missionaries are both from Columbia and I’m now the only white kid in the house and it feels weird and feels weird to not speak any English. But hey least I’ll have good Spanish.


These are the popsicles I was telling you about that are so freaking weird! They are called “lenguas” (tounges).  After the first layer comes off the popsicle, the popsicle feels like a tongue (the texture of a tongue) its so weird! But they are really good.
Thats about all for this week.
Much Love
Elder Latino


My Fellow Missionaries


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