Week 68 – November 2, 2016

10 Nov


Well this week compared to last week has been super low key to be honest. But I think I might have some good stories. First a story that is a little spiritual. Ever since I arrived in this sector my companions and I haven’t had very many people to teach so I have been praying a lot, asking that we can find a family that we can teach. And finally, after 7 weeks of asking the same thing everyday, we found a bunch of families this week that we can teach. We are super excited about all of them. So everyone just remember that when you need something, ask for it and it will come.

Ok now to the stories of the week. We went to this house with a bunch of flytes  (gangsters) at it and I hate walking past houses like that because they always say something rude to us. But this time they said, “oye nos puede hablar de Dios?” (can you talk to us about God?). We said, “yes” and we came into their yard and taught them on their patio inside their fence.  We finished and we started to pray with them, but, I totally thought the whole time we were going to get robbed! So, during the prayer, I had my eyes open to make sure none of them moved. But one of them saw me, and after my prayer, he made fun of me for not closing my eyes.

This week was Halloween here as well, but its super weird, because like some people celebrate it and some don’t. Everyone thought it was funny to ask us if we were dressed up (mostly adults) so I would respond no but you should take off your costume you’re scaring all the kids. Then their wives would laugh at them, it was pretty funny. We went in early that night because it gets too dangerous on Halloween night where we live. We even got some trick or treaters to our apartment but we didn’t have candy, so we acted like we weren’t home and shut off all the lights.

We ate burger king today for lunch and it’s official, Burger King tastes bad world wide!!!! After I paid, the lady gave me about 6 dollars in change to keep in my pocket. I will not be a returning customer.

So writing this email, I am learning that my English is getting so bad. Im noticing I really do struggle with spelling the words, so sorry to everyone that reads my emails or better phrased “tries to read my emails”.

The weather is super bipolar because one day I’ll need to wear a sweater and the other I’m dying of the heat.  So that is getting pretty old but, my tan is getting good, but my legs are going to need some serious work when I get home.

In the words of Shawn T (the dude that makes my work out videos) “I’ll see you next time with Elder Chind3r  Brown”

Love the Fam

love the Crew

(My family was all together this weekend so you understand my sign off this week)

Elder Missingfamilymemeber

Photos come later this computer sucks

ps. Hey mom, I bought a hat today but my credit card didn’t work so I bought it with my debit card. I don’t know how much money I have in my bank account so I like to use the credit card. Also, I found my hair cream here so that was nice because I was out so no need to send more. I didn’t get your package… I should get it this week. The office kid never goes to get the packages, but don’t worry, I pulled his ear a little about it. I also want to buy a thermos for my mate in the morning, but then I will be spending a lot of money in one week, so maybe I’ll wait. Sounds like you guys had a super fun weekend… I’ll be there soon, its crazy how fast time is going.

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