Week 70 – November 16, 2016

19 Nov

sam_0453This week was a pretty normal week in my eyes, nothing too crazy happened.  BUT, one thing is true… ITS HOT!! All the houses here are made of wood or cement. Like think of a shed, made of wood or cement, so the houses are hotter inside than it is outside sometimes.  Also, everyone here has these “leather” couches that make you even hotter when you sit on them, but its all good because the people here are amazing!


Holding a Matte Cup and straw

I know when people love me because they will ask if they can fill up my water bottle with juice. Oh man, its my favorite! I get so stoked when they fill it up with juice.

Let see, what else happened… This week our mission had interviews with our mission President. These interviews are always super good and fun to get to talk to President. He knows I like to surf and we have both surfed at the same spots in CA and Hawaii. So during my interview we talked about surfing and he told me “I know I shouldn’t tell you this, but, swamis is firing with over head barrels.” He also showed me pictures… it was super “trunky” (when you think about being at home).

This week nothing really bad or that exciting happened, but we did see this little dog get run over. It was really sad. This little girl ran across the street with her dog and this little girl almost got hit, but they hit the dog running behind her. It was pretty sad because this little girl was just screaming. But, on a happy note, she got a new puppy.


For P-day we went and played soccer in the heat of day and I played pretty good. But, almost too good because then I thought I could slide tackle, which I did.  I saved the goal, but destroyed my knee and elbow and got some crazy burns from it, but its chill.

We meet a lot of cool people every week let me tell you that!  I had the opportunity to do some service and one of the service opportunities, this lady made us do so much… we weeded her yard from 10 until 2 so it was a little bit long, but I always like to get out and work.

My new white t-shirts are amazing.   Shout out to my mom!!! My old ones look super gross compared to the new ones, but, you already know I’m going to still be using the old ones because then I won’t have to do laundry all the time.;)


Got my package from home.

One of the best things I have learned this week would be how do be a Leader and Friend.  We have had a problem in my district this week with a kid that is doing things that he shouldn’t be doing. So I had to talk to him about it so he doesn’t get sent home… because he’s about to. But the thing I learned is that everything we do, we have to do it out of the love we have for that person. This kid is a good kid and I really like him so I wanted him to know my love for him and that I believe in him. So Everyone, do Everything, out of love! #chansadviceoftheweek.

Love you guys tons!

A little bit on the food side, I think I can eat anything now!  I ate some bloody chicken and didn’t get sick, so I impressed myself. But note to mom,  when I get home, I don’t want to eat chicken with bones for a while.


Making scones.

Much love,
Elder Messed up arm

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