Week 71 – November 23, 2016

01 Dec

In response to what I want for Christmas this year…Please send my Nixon surf watch, yes, the yellow one.   But as far as shoes, I’m good for right now. Umm some stance socks because I have a lot I need to just throw away… ummm here is a list:

1 stance socks
2 work out shorts grey and black
This week was pretty fun and was a big eye opener as well.

Well, lets see this week, not sure what day it was, but at about 2 in the morning we all woke up to fire works….. I know you’re all thinking wow thats pretty cool and you’re right because who doesn’t like to see fireworks?  BUT, here in Chile it means they killed a head drug cartel guy and we saw the proof the next day. But,  hey I’m not complaining because I got to see some great fireworks really close up. It was probably at least 1000s of dollars worth of fire works. So good or bad experience? I’d say it was good.

Also, this week we met Gabriella and Rosio. They yelled at us in English so we went over to, more than anything, mess with them and they turned out to be super cool.  And they gave us ice cream so we got along super good after that. We are now teaching them English and a little bit about the gospel.  Tonight we are going to make pizza with them and brownies, so I’m pretty excited about that. And, we are making bbq chicken pizza, even better. We asked them if they had ever talked to missionaries before and they said yes but they never wanted to talk to them because they “weren’t cool like you guys ” so thats pretty cool.

Ok, so around here they all seem to have a little conner store that they go to at least once a day they are called Almacens. This is where they buy their bread for “once” (late night snack in place of dinner). So, we were at an investigators house named Emilia (she’s cool and her husband Victor and daughter who is a member named Victoria). Emilia left during our visit to buy bread to give us “once” (snack). She came back 5 minutes later crying. We asked her what was wrong and we were really concerned. She told us that her Almacen that she always goes to is closing down forever and she was the last person ever to buy bread from the Almacen. I couldn’t  help but laugh, as well as everyone else, so she felt worse which didn’t help but soon after she got over it. Pretty funny.

I had some dude this week ask me if we could trade my tie for his hat. I told him “no, I need it to be a missionary” he got super pissed and yelled at me then threw his hat into traffic. After that, I just thought to myself what just happened? Pretty weird experience.

This week for p-day, I got to reunite with my “son” (Elder Smith). We went to visit Lo Blanco, my old sector. We got special permission to be comps for the day so that was pretty fun. We went and saw the Ortegas. Jaime, the dad that has the cancer, they found another tumor in his leg so he’s not doing so well but we gave him a blessing that he was waiting for us to give which was super great to be able to do.


Me and my “son” Elder Smith

After we saw Susan, a lady I helped go back to church. She was so surprised to see us and she cried. We took pictures in her work and her co workers want to date me… they asked for my number…… :/

But everyone really like my advice last week so I’m going to give some more. So the advice for this week from your wise 20 year old…….. When you have something to say: a story, advice, or encouragement. Say it! You never know how much it can help someone.  It may help them so much. This week I saw a 17 year old pregnant girl about to smoke. I told her, “no, don’t do it” and we had a serious talk.  I told her about how much it hurts the baby and told a story about a mother who smoked that never saw here child breath… a little harsh, but she told me dropping her cigarette on the ground that she would never smoke again. A little harsh, this experience, but never be afraid to open your mouth and help someone else.

Much love,

Lovin the Crew,
Elder Freefireworkshow

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