Week 72 – November 30, 2016

07 Dec

Happy Thanksgiving.

This week was pretty low key, but, I sure did have a great Thanksgiving (for being in Chile). As you all know, I live with all Latinos, so that means they don’t really care about Thanksgiving. But, luckily, another house invited my companion and I to eat with them. So it was going to be the six of us, so we bought some stuff. So, at the end of the day after finishing all our appointments, we went to their house to eat dinner and spend the night since we knew we would finish late. We got there at 10:00 and started cooking.  I was in charge of cooking the Turkey Breasts and Pork (Turkey is expensive and pork is not, so we got both). I put them in two separate platers and put onions and carrots with them and some seasoning. It was actually really good,I surprised myself and I think everyone else. We had some hand made mashed potatoes, corn bread, gravy and salad it was super good not going to lie. We started eating at about 12:00 then ate until 1:30 then we had ice cream for dessert.  Reeses peanut butter cup ice cream… super rare to find here in Chile. It was a great Thanksgiving dinner and of course we spoke in English because its Thanksgiving. O, it was a good time.


Proud of our PIE!

We went to bed at about 2 or 2:30 and I had to sleep with Elder Silulich because there wasn’t enough beds and we are both the same size… it was a squeeze.  Just imagine, two big guys on a twin bed… pretty funny.

This weekend I got a little sick. I ate something on Saturday that did me wrong, so, I had to run from bathroom to bathroom all day so that was pretty fun.


I like the name of this place.

This week we also made pizza with the new investigator we found. She’s super cool, her name is Gabby. She had never tried BBQ chicken pizza (my favorite pizza) so we made everything and I made the pizza and it turned out so good. She makes bread for a living so she had a huge oven that we used and it worked super well and turned out super good.


Pizza Ready for the oven with Gabby our Investigator

Before my mission I hated tomatoes and my mom will be very happy to hear this, but, I kinda like them now. The same is true with coke, but only real coke. That other coke light and zero stuff sucks. But yeah, pretty big changes for Elder Brown.

This week we were pretty busy and one day we had a ton of stuff to do, but yeah, long story short we were talking to these people and I just wasn’t very focused. The dude asked my name and I said my name is… and literally my mind went blank. I forgot my name. I had to look at my name tag to remember. It was super funny, the dude started laughing so it worked to my advantage. But my companion won’t ever let me live it down, pretty funny.


Cool Mural

Another thing we have started doing is when people yell things at us in English, we just tell them what time it is. They get super confused it super funny… not gonna lie.


Long line for something.

Advice of the week. It takes two weeks to form a habit. Start small and go bigger.

Elder Pizzamaker


YUM…rice and beans with hot dogs.  LUNCH


my plate is clean


P-day. Lunch at the Church

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