Week 74 – December 14, 2016

20 Dec

Yes, my camera is officially dead after last weeks incident… RIP

But yeah, I’ve been using my gopro and its been ok for now.


Summer weather in Chile’

This week was fun.

I got a little case of what I like to call “the squirts” (yes, it is what you’re thinking!) But let me tell you why. Here, I swear, they can sell you what ever they like and call it meat.  There isn’t anything that exists that you can’t eat according to this place. So, we were walking and I found this super good deal on chicken burgers, so, I hopped on that deal real quick.  The deal was 10 for 1,000 pesos (like a dollar fifty) super cheap! So one night when I was hungry, I ate 2 double decker burgers and let me tell you… they did me in for a good one. For the next two days, non-stop… “the squirts”. But it was all good because it went away after 2 days. But one thing I do know is when I come home, I’ll never get sick from eating food because I’ve eaten everything now.

Also, this week, a gross old lady totally grabbed my butt. SO, I have a water bottle and its a curse and a blessing at the same time. Its a blessing because it carries my water and keeps it cold and its metal to help keep the dogs away. Its a curse because I seem to leave it everywhere. I don’t know how it’s not lost yet.  But,  I left it at this house. A little bit about this house…. It’s one plot of land and there are about 6 houses on this plot and they are all shacks and it basically where they sell and do drugs. So I forgot my water bottle after a lesson in the very back house. So I went back to go and get it and at this point all the women that live there were outside talking. I walk by them all and they all say stuff very inappropriate as I walked by.  Then I had to pass them again to leave and one of the ladies, as I walked by, just grabbed ahold of my butt. I jumped and just got out of there as fast as I could. I was so shocked she did that and when we got out I was cracking up because of the things she said. We will see what happens when I return to the back house tomorrow……

But yeah, this week I don’t know what it was, but everyone was just a little mean to us.

Well its very hot so I drink lots of water. So we knocked on about 10 doors to ask them to fill my water bottle and they all told us they were too busy. In times like that, it makes it a little hard to love some people.


BBQ day

Today we had a BBQ and it was ok, but man, its hard to do a BBQ here because you have to use charcoal so that takes a good 30 minutes to get the charcoal  going and then the meat that we buy is cheap, so its pig, and has like bone in it and like nerves and I dont know… it’s fun, but, I chose to eat only a little. Oh but but the latinos go Hard! They eat so much I don’t know how someone can eat so much meat! It was gross but we had BBQ scouse (lamb) so I made it into a sandwich.


But yeah. It was a good week and the time is flying by so quick.

Advice of the week.

1. Dont buy meat for under two dollars

2. Make goals for your life, without them, we dont have a purpose.

Les quiero

Happy Navidad,

Elder 10 for 1,000

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