Christmas Day Skype – December 25, 2016

27 Dec


From Chandlers Mom

We had an amazing 2 hour call with Chandler at around 5:00 PM on Christmas day.  The time flew by and Chandler looked amazing.  It’s summer in Chile’, so, he was very tan and healthy looking.  We asked him why he was looking so fit… he said he’s doing the insanity workout every morning – he wakes up an hour earlier before he needs to be awake so he can get his work out in before starting his day.
He was skyping us from “a Rich person house in his ward”.  They are considered rich because they have Air Conditioning.  The temperature was in the high 90’s on Christmas Day. He said so far his Christmas day had been nice and relaxing. He said they had a nice slow morning and made oven pancakes… he even told us the recipe he uses – he had it memorized – impressing us all.  They went to church where he sat by an investigator that is Haitian (speaks french/creole) so communicating with him contains a little English, Spanish, and hand gestures.  He was sipping on Mate throughout our call which he has grown to love and appreciate.  He showed it to us and it looked pretty gross.  He had a special stainless steel mate cup he had poured lots of grainy rice looking things with herbs and grains, etc. He has a special straining straw to sip the liquid through to keep the grainy things out.  He would add more hot water from his hydroflask occasionally when the water had gotten low or almost out.  Below is a photo of what this all looks like. He said his favorite mix lately is orange peels and mint.  He is growing mint right now in his apartment (wow, another impressive fact).  He said the greatest benefit of Mate is that after you drink it, you get a nice big “poop” (too graphic, I know!).
It broke my heart when he mentioned he still had NOT received his Christmas packages.  I sent him one package on December 3rd and the other one on December 10th.  The packages I have sent in the past have been taking between 10-15 days to arrive in Chile if I send them priority mail (which I do every time). So maybe due to all the Christmas rush, the packages had been delayed???  He kept saying “mom, its ok!  Mom, stop worrying, its ok, I’ll get them soon” he could see the disappointment and sadness on my face I’m sure, so he was trying to make me feel better.  I was still extremely sad about my son not having a Christmas gift from home to open on Christmas day! He said there were some other missionaries whose moms sent them packages around the same time that didn’t get theirs either.  I know its an over reaction, but my heart actually hurt hearing this.  I had sent him Christmas decorations for his apartment, a tree, and presents for him and his companion for Christmas day and some were for times they just needed a little pick me up.  Well, I guess they will have a great time opening gifts AFTER Christmas. I’m just praying they will make it there.  I always fear that they may be stolen or opened and picked through at some point, but up until now, we haven’t had any issues.

He mentioned that he may get transferred next transfers and he’s heard of this area called the Rich Zone, that he would like to get transferred into sometime because they play basketball every Friday night and its really good basketball, so he’d love to give that a try:)

We talked about the fact that he is home is 6 months and we can’t believe how fast time is flying by.  We asked him what he is looking forward to doing when he gets home and he said he wants to eat Mexican food (tres margaritas) and go boating and go to the skate park.  Simple guy…

We asked him what food he is enjoying right now.  He said if he is preparing a dish for himself, he will make noodles, and brown hamburger, then add mayo and ketchup and its a meal.  hmmmm….sounds a little yucky to us spoiled Americans.   For breakfast he is loving artisan oatmeal with a chocolate mix added in (Im thinking something like a nestle quick) and then he adds dry fruit and a little peanut butter on the side.  He obviously doesn’t like to spend too much time in the kitchen.

We asked him what the best gift he has received from his mission so far and he said there were many, but one right off the top of his head was that he has received the gift of how to listen to people.  How to listen to them in a way to see how he can help them.  He can learn about their current problems and then possibly help to resolve them.
It was an amazing Christmas gift to chat with him for such a long time.  He remembered most of his English words (even though sometimes his eyes would stare off as he was trying to think of a certain word) and would occasionally mix in a Spanish word here and there.  For example he said “It would be tranquillo if for college he could live in…”  He meant it would be cool if.…  Haha… we got the jist of it. He had a cute little foreign accent that I’m sure he will shake once he gets home.

We talked about a lot of nonessential things like his favorite power tie right now is his red and blue paisley tie, but he is loving his sock ties as well.  We laughed and joked a lot and we cherished every minute with him.  He ended the call by sharing his testimony of families with us in Spanish.  I picked up a word here and there but I could feel his spirit as he spoke (Steve understood him perfectly).  After he was finished he basically explained to us that our heavenly father set up families and gave us each a family so that we could be happy here on earth.  He said he has family here in Chile’ as well as family in the United States… of course he expanded on this, but basically this was the message.  I love these special moments with him.  Words cant describe the love we have for him.

If you click this link below it will take you to a few seconds of him saying “hi” and a few seconds of his testimony (if it doesn’t work its because your viewing this on your email account, click above to  go directly to the blog, you can see it there:

Also, we are so grateful for all of the thoughts and prayers you all send to him.  He loves you all and is so grateful for your emails and letters to him.

If you’d like to email him directly his email is:

If you’d like to send him a letter his address is:

Elder Chandler Christian Brown
Chile Santiago South Mission
Apartado Postal No. 544
San Bernardo
Region Metropolitana (Santiago)


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