Week 75 – December 21, 2016

27 Dec

This week my butt was not grabbed by drug addicts, so that made my week a whole lot better.

But Yeah, this week I had to go to Santiago to renew my visa and it’s really fun and really sucks at the same time. It’s fun because we get to go to Santiago and such, but it sucks because we have to wait forever in lines that are about 2-4 hours long.

We started in our fist line at 8:45 and finished there at 10:00. I even had an appointment! (That was just so they could stamp the visa in my passport). After we went to PDI (the police) to check and make sure I’m not a killer. We go there and the line literally wrapped around the block so we waited in that line for 2 hours and got a number.  Our number was super far away, so we went to Papa Johns for pizza and it was sooooo good… and the place actually smelled like pizza. We also went and looked around a big catholic church, it was pretty impressive. Then we came back to the PDI and our number was still super far away so we went to go and find matte stuff.  We finally found it then hurried back because they close the gates. On our way back, we ran into some people from Utah and they talked to us for a while and took our picture and sent it to my mom (I’m sure she’ll tell you about it and upload the pictures).


But we had to be back at 2 and got there at 1:58. When we approached we found out they had already closed the gates on us and about 5 or 6 angry foreigners. We went to complain and had to talk to several people, but they finally let us in. This was the first time in my life where going and complaining actually worked so that was cool so we got in and waited another 2 hours and finally at 5 we started to go home.

We were so exhausted after a full day on our feet waiting and walking.

Well it’s Christmas time so as a Zone we went to Intermodal which is a big terminal for the metro. So we went and sang and passed out cards. Well I’m not a big fan of singing so I passed out cards and it was really fun. I felt a little bit like those guys in Las Vegas that pass out those cards to whoever will take one. But I passed out over 500 cards in an hour, it was pretty cool. I wish you guys could go and really see what happens in the mission because it is way cooler than how I can describe it and what it sounds like over email.
Today we went to the temple and I really didn’t feel like going there by bus so we have a person we are teaching that drives for Uber, so, he took us and the best part was he didn’t even make us pay so we were stoked on the free 45 minute car ride to the temple.
I ate a milky way today so that was pretty cool because I haven’t eaten one of those in about a year and a half.

Hey everyone, Remember that its CHRISTMAS and remember to be happy and be nice to everyone you see! Don’t be a loser.

And Remember the true meaning of Christmas and what Christ did for us.
Advice of the week.

Take your time and look around where you are. Walk slow so you don’t miss all the beauty around you.
This week I was thinking about where I am and what I’m doing and how lucky I am to be doing what I’m doing and where I am! So I’ve really been able to love where I am! Enjoy wherever you are even though, wherever you go, some of the people and some of the places are a little mean or ugly.

Love you guys MURRY KRIZMAS

Elder Lastchristmas


Party at the church

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