Week 76 – December 28, 2016

29 Dec


Well, as you probably know, I got to talk to my family this week which was super awesome and weird to see how much they have all changed. They tell me I talk weird, but it’s probably true.

This week was actually a very busy week and we had a lot of activities. On Thursday we went to a plaza with about 30 missionaries and we sang and talked with the people that stopped and passed out cards.DCIM106GOPRO

Well I don’t really like to sing so I got to talk to people and give out cards. It was super fun and I met a lot of interesting people.  I met this dude from Miami and he was so big and strong! He’s a body builder and massive… unfortunately my camera died so I was not able to get a picture of the guy.

Here is a link to a video: (if the link doesn’t  appear, its because your viewing this on your email account, click above at the top of this page and it will take you directly to the blog where you can find the clip there:

Then we had a big mission activity on Friday which lasted all day and it was super fun. We had a talent show and I didn’t know what to do, so, I didn’t participate so I was bummed that I didn’t. Then after the talent show, we had a gift exchange and I got a soccer ball that I set down and never saw again… but, whatever.  After our mission president bought 6 fardos of ties (each fared is a bag with 40 pounds of ties…thats a lot of ties) I got some sic sock ties which I’m pretty excited about and also I got a “Germany” tie. A lot of people here think I’m from Germany, so, I decided to embrace it and now I have a good German tie.

Then on Saturday we had a BBQ for lunch and a “rich members house” it was super good and well cooked because he had a gas grill. After that I had to translate some documents for a member in our ward. So, when I get home I’ll translate but it won’t be free when I get home because its tiring. It took me 2 hours to translate what was needed.

After, we did some more caroling and some more talking and passing out cards to people. So it was fun and I beat my record of 500 cards… I passed out 600 cards this time. I’m out here killing it! DCIM106GOPRO

Christmas was great. We had church and I made oven pancakes and they were super good as you can see.


Me and my famous Oven Pancake


Oven Pancake close up

It was kinda of cold christmas day but when I say cold, I mean like 78 with clouds, but, it was great. We went to a family’s house to eat lunch and my companion did his Christmas day skype with his family at their house.  The family has a son named Lucas and he loves basketball, so, they had the Warriors/Cavaliers game on.  It was great to watch some basketball, but we left before the game finished. But man, do I miss watching basketball games.

Then we went to the chapel to try to do my Christmas day skype because in the house we were at, the internet was bad. But at the chapel, some other missionaries were there doing their Skype, so we went to the “rich members house (Diego)” And I skyped with my family about 2 hours later than what we had scheduled, but it was great to talk with my family and it all worked out.

Today we didn’t have anything we needed to do so I finally was able to go and get a suit custom made (since my suits are getting pretty warn out) which I’m very excited about because I get to chose everything for the suit and its going to be so sick. Next, we are going to go back home and take a good nap which is always one of the best parts of P-day.

Here is a link to a video of us walking on around on a typical day: (if the link or the actual video doesn’t appear below, its because your viewing this on your email account, click above at the top of this page and it will take you directly to the blog where you can find the clip if you arrow down to this spot:

Well that’s all for this week.

Love you Guys

Happy New Year

Elder CafecitoDCIM106GOPRO


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