Week 77 – January 4, 2017

09 Jan

Well folks, Happy New Year, From Chile!

This week was a pretty fun week and we attended a lot of parties which was super fun… and a lot of eating which was good because it was good food and not rice and chicken. If you were wondering how many times I ate rice and chicken this week, it was 4 times. You might be thinking, wow, thats a lot and you are right when you think that.


One of my chicken and rice dishes this week


Typical salad

I got one of my Christmas packages this week! SHOUT OUT TO MY MOM! It was sick and I got a lot of cool stuff. Shirts, and a hat for when I’m working free labor at member houses. And, of course, I got some new socks and they are sick so thanks a bunch mom. Oh, and a electric tooth brush which is the first one I’ve seen in Chile and it does such a good job. One of my favorite gifts was my fitbit Blaze.  So now you guys can all know how much I walk in a day and see how much we really walk, however,  we don’t walk that much compared to other missions. Yesterday, I walked more than 20,000 steps which is about 10 miles of walking and my comp was sick ,so I stayed in the house half the day.sam_0579


Reading my “book of Love” (notes from friends/family) and hand written notes first before opening my packages.



Post Christmas Opening mess.  

For new years Eve we went to LO BLANCO to the Ortega’s house to eat dinner with them and the Reyes family and 9 other missionaries. There was a bunch of us. It was all the missionaries that have been in Lo Blanco it was super fun to see everyone. We had a big BBQ and it was so good. The Ortega Family is doing good and Hermano Ortega is getting really skinny. He’s still fighting all his medical issues and is in a lot of pain. Man, do I love that family a bunch! They are my FAMILY in Chile for sure.


My “Chile Family”, The Ortegas

sam_0589Before we went to the Ortega’s, I past by Susan’s house and talked with her and she gave me a Christmas present and it was perfect. She gave me TIO NACHO (my favorite mexican herbal shampoo) and some sick socks. We talked for a while and she told me that Hermano Ortega bore his testimony during church and thanked everyone and he told a story how much it meant to him when two missionaries came to give him a blessing while he was in the hospital and how it was one of the most important blessings in his life that he ever received. When I heard that, I was so happy that I was able to do that for him.  Im so grateful that I was able to have an impact on him and his families lives and to have such a powerful bond with him.



After the Ortega’s house, we went home (Hermano Reyes drove us home) we came home and then watched the fire works that all the drug dealers launch.  These are huge fire works and there were a ton of them.  We saw like 6 firework shows going on. Also, It was really cool to see everyone launch their lanterns off from their houses.  The lanterns covered the sky and it was so beautiful. Then, at about 12:30, I was super tired and went to bed. haha… a pretty low key new years.


New Years Eve.  Watching the fireworks and lanterns being set off.

The day after, Sunday-new years day, we had lunch scheduled at the bishops house, but, told us he would drop off lunch at our house because to get to his house, it would be too dangerous. Its dangerous because of where he lives…he lives where all the drugs are and all the gangs… so they were all still out in the street drunk and high and they were all fighting with knifes and guns. So, he told us not to come and then later that day we passed by where the bishop lives and it’s all looked to be very true.  All that he said did happen and some people were pretty messed up.

I had the opportunity to do some service this week which was good and I like service because I don’t have to wear a shirt and tie. We painted a couple of rooms for a member. The member just gave us the paint and rollers and said have at it and then left and had us do it all. I’m not sure where he went, but we paint good, thats all I have to say about that.


P-Day. On our way to do some Service.

This week we had a couple of problems we had to take care of with two missionaries that don’t get along to well.  I got to play guidance counselor which went really well and we were able to fix most of their problems. Now, they seem to be a whole lot better and they were both really thankful. Most of their problems had to do with not accepting when someone (themselves) is wrong. Thats one thing I have really learned so far is how to admit when I’m wrong and not be ashamed when I am because everyone messes up. So that was fun to see work out.

Today we had to clean our apartment and I was in charge of the kitchen. Let me say, it’s spotless and looks amazing. Then after I finished cleaning, while everyone was finishing up cleaning, I took a nap.

After cleaning, we went to Juan Antonio’s house (he’s a investigator) and we bought meat and we had a BBQ it was actually super good. Its interesting that here they don’t use seasonings and they just put salt on the meat and its actually really good. But yeah, thats was all for today.

Love the CrEw

Elder Yatusabes

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