Week 78 – January 11, 2017

19 Jan

So I’m sure you all thought the “dogs attacking me days” were over, but, they aren’t. Yesterday we were walking to a lesson and passed this lady who had just opened her gate and this dog came flying out barking and trying to bite me and I. in defense, gave it a quick hard kick to the head. It was pretty hard because my foot hurt after. The dog yelped and was whining and ran back into the house. Then I walked away and the lady just stood there and said nothing. I think she was trying to ignore the fact her dog just tried to attack me. But yeah, I walked away unharmed and very confident in my dog kicking skills.
This week we have been working really hard to find new people to teach so we have been hitting the ground running. We are killing it to be honest. The coolest thing happened the other day. As missionaries, we have pass along cards and we always put our names and numbers on the back of them and tell the people to call us, but no one ever calls. But… this week someone called and we were so stoked! I was talking to him and I asked him if he had time that night and he told us to come and we did. His name is Matias and he is a pretty big stoner. We went to the back of his house to talk on his patio and he had a ton of marijuana plants.


One of Matias’ plants

Matias is super cool and really wants to learn more and is sick of the life he is living and wants to change for the good. He is a super good guy and super funny as well. He knows a lot of the bible and can tell the stories in a flyte (gangster) way, its so funny. But yeah, we found in total this week 9 new people to teach so we are super excited.

In Other news, I had chicken and rice yesterday :/ but its ok because I bought a bunch of fruit from the fairia (Farmers market) it was so cheap! I got two pounds of strawberries for a dollar fifty and a tons of peaches.   One thing I will really miss about Chile is all the fruit, it’s super good, I will miss it.

Its been super hot here lately and I’ve been dying. I’m not sure if i am getting sun burned or my checks get red from being hot because they don’t hurt and haven’t peeled, but I think I’m getting burned…. Yes mom, I’ll use sun screen.


Cooling off…its so hot!


Staying cool in front of the fan.

Today we went and played soccer in the park and it was about 35 degrees so we played about 3 games and we were all to hot so we stopped and ran through the sprinklers in the park so thats was nice. After, we went to Papa Johns… oh man, I love that place! It’s just like being in America, always a good feeling.


Papa Johns Lunch.

This week on Friday we went to the mission office so I could call the United States to get my credit card unblocked and my comp left our phone there and didn’t realize he had forgotten it, and so we had to go back. So we headed back and realized that cars or busses weren’t passing the bus stop there was no traffic. What happened was the police were in a car chase and got t-boned and flipped the other car so they had to close down the main street for 3 miles so my comp and I had to walk 3 miles to the next bus stop. But it was pretty nice because it was quiet and there weren’t any cars passing us. We finally got to the bus stop then on the way to the office we sat on bus in traffic for an hour and a half it was terrible and when I say sit on a bus, I really mean stand because all the seats were taken. All that work just for a little 10 dollar nokia cellphone, but hey, it was a good experience.

I’m sure having a good time and working hard! Sometimes I do get really tired, but seeing people here smile and getting to know new people really keeps me going. One thing I really try to do is have patience and love the people I am serving and others around me and try to make a difference.

Love you guys
Elder Dog street fighter


My Zone

Also got my second Christmas package this week!



We always have a good time.



Evening Snack/dinner

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