Week 79 – January 18, 2017

24 Jan

This week we had changes and I though I was for sure going to leave the area.   But, we received the calls and they told me I was going to stay. So yeah, I’m still here in Covarrubias so that’s fun and I was a little sad at the same time because I want to get to know other areas as well. But my new companion is sick. He’s from Puerto Rico and speaks full English so its been super fun with him. When they announced our names in the meeting, during the announcements of the changes, everyone was like “ooohhhhh”. And after everyone was telling us how we were going to have so much fun together and it true its been so sick. So thats the big news of the week, but no, the dogs are leaving me alone again so far but we will see how this week goes. sam_0662

The other day we went to go get lunch from a members home and we always go and have to wait for them to finish making it and then they give it to us so we can eat at our house. We eat at our house when people don’t have men at home which is basically everyone, so we eat in the house a lot. But yeah, there is a park close to this house and we brought pamphlets that we use to teach people. At the park there are ping pong tables and since we don’t have ping pong paddles, we used the pamphlets.  We had found a ping pong ball in the chapel on Sunday, so we were in the park playing ping pong with basically paper ping pong paddles, it was pretty fun, and I’m sure people thought we were super weird.

Also, we had a baptism in our ward this week, a Haitian named Tony.   He is super cool and a member from the church baptized him and it was kinda bad because he couldn’t  get him under the water because he really didn’t know what he was doing.  Before it started we tried to teach him what to do and he’s like yeah no worries I already know. But he had to dunk him 6 times because he never fully went under so the last time we told the dude to sit down and they did it that way but it was a good baptism after all.

The farmers market my mom asked a lot about it so I’ll tell a little bit more.  The farmers markets are super funny because you can find anything you want there. Its amazing, they close the street 2 times a week and people put their stuff out and sell whatever they have, they are pretty cool. They sell fish meat and everything, so many people have no need to go to the grocery store.  The market is only open in the morning and they close at around 2:30 or 3.

Today for pday we went and crashed a pday for the Argentinos and went to go play soccer with them. We weren’t invited because we aren’t from Argentina but we went anyway and played soccer with them. It was funny, when the Argentinos  are together, they talk like Argentines and it’s so funny… they speak like Italians but in Spanish. It was pretty fun we played a ton and I got sunburned but it’s worth it.

This week was so hot! On Friday it was 37 degrees Celsius in the shade (which is around 100 degrees in the shade) it was a tough day. After that day,  I just wanted to go swimming and everyone has a little pool outside there house and everyone was swimming. So I had the great idea to fill up our little bath tube with cool water and have my pool in the bath tub. It was super great, but a little small. I bet I looked ridiculous and could only put like 1/4 of my body in the water. But it was worth it, something I will definitely be doing more.

Here is my workout set up… little tv on the ironing board.

This week with Matias we went to the chapel to show him around and it was so funny. He had shorts on with no pockets so when we left his house, he just grabbed his moms shoulder bag and put his keys and phone in it and we left. We made a lot of fun of him. He really liked the church and is progressing a lot, all he needs to do is stop smoking weed we will see what happens. But his shoulder bag came in handy and he found 300 pesos in the bag and bought us 3 sopapillas … so the shoulder bag came in handy in the end.

Fun week and I’m really enjoying my time! It passes by so quick.
Love you guys,

Elder pool in the bathtub



Study Time


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