Week 80 – January 25, 2017

31 Jan

Well this week was a fun one but at the same time so freaking hot. As I write this email, I am writing in the internet cafe and sweating so much, but its all good.

So right now Chile is having a lot of fires and they think people are starting them. Right now they have 44 forest fires burning, so the air is super bad and its been even hotter because the hot air just gets trapped in the city because of all the smoke in the air. President made is stay in our apartments yesterday from 3 to 6 because it was too hot and the air quality was so bad. And, the forest fires aren’t getting any better.  Below is slideshow with 3  photos of the fire on the mountain near our house in the evening.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Sunset with the smoke in the air

So I tried cooking again…….. I didn’t have too much success this time so that was the bad part. I made noodles with eggs and it was actually really good and I really liked it, but it turns out that the eggs I ate were bad. So, I got wrecked and had a rough next day. But, I will leave Chile a chef mark my words, I will keep trying and do what ever it takes.

This week my companion and I used our memories and started singing rap songs we knew before the mission. So we have been thinking a lot about dropping a mixtape of our own and we are working on our album cover. We have been thinking about using this as our album cover. But there is still time to change it.


Album Cover

We have been writing our raps and we are going to sing Reggaeton as well which is like a Spanish rap type thing its pretty cool so we are super excited about that and its already super good.
As well as making mix-tapes we also teach people about the gospel and found this new girl named Natalia and she is so cool. We contacted her house and young girls think gringos and Puerto Ricenos are pretty cool so we talked to her and were able to teach her about the Book of Mormon. It went super well, we gave her one and a little part to read we asked her if she could read a part in it as homework, then she asked us if she could read the whole thing. My compa and I looked at eat other in shock and told her of course. It went really well and we have another date to go back and teach her more.  We are pretty excited about her.

We also found a lady named Jesus Maria she’s really cool and received us very well. We began to teach her but she was very set in her ways and after a good well and in depth 3 hour lesson we walked away super happy and with another day to come back. She was very confused about why there are so many churches today, so we taught her the way she could know which one is the right one and make a informed decision. It went really well, the only thing she has questions about is that if there is a prophet on the earth today. I have really seen myself grow here on the mission and I can really say with all my heart that there is a living prophet on the earth today and when I testified that too her, she felt it and so did I. It was a super cool experience and a good lesson.

Today we played soccer with our new custom jersey’s.

Shout out to the #nubsquad
Love you all
Elder el gringito rapero



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