Week 81 – February 1, 2017

03 Feb

Another crazy, fast week! It’s pretty crazy how the weeks go by super fast. Well I have a pretty funny story to tell you guys this week. As you all know by now, dogs hate the missionaries and they hate missionaries even more when they are named Elder Brown. So, some dog came at us and, like normal, we picked up some rocks, like normal, and threw them at the dog and it ran away.  Then,  I look at my comp after and he’s looking at his hand, and so I look at his hand, and as he went to pick up a rock he didn’t look very carefully and he picked up dog poop. I cracked up laughing and he went to go wipe it off on the wall because grass doesn’t exist here. But luckily we were on our way home.


Me and my comp who likes to pick up dog poop.

This picture is of our lunch on Sunday. sam_0709-1He works at the MARS company here so he always hooks us up with m&ms so that’s super nice!  He asked us what we wanted to eat for lunch and of course we said pizza and he asked what kind and I said cheese with M&MS. He said, “that’s super gross, but I’ll make it for you, but you have to eat it all.” But I knew it was going to be good because cheese and chocolate is super good. So we had lunch and he made the pizza and I had everyone at least try it and they all loved it so it was a hit. So if you haven’t tried cheese pizza with M&Ms on top you need to because your missing out if you haven’t tried it.

To help get the ward out, and do something and for us to help us meet new people and have fun, we started a new tradition.  The tradition is that of playing basketball on Tuesday nights. We started it this week and it was super fun. I mean, yeah, no one is very good and every time you shoot the ball or dribble the ball, they foul you, but it was fun. And it’s even funner because its an easy way to get to know people. It was super fun to get to run up and down the court and get fouled while playing basketball. It was a super fun first night of many more to come.

Dinner with the room mates.

This week I played translator and lawyer and oh man was it hard. I had to translate a 4 page contract that was filled with Spanish law terminology. It really tested my knowledge and not going to lie, I had to use google translate a couple of times (a lot of times ). So this member needed me to do it for a client she has in Australia that forgot how to read Spanish. So I had to translate it all but it wasn’t too bad because she has this huge house and on the property they have beehives and she gave us fresh honey for doing my translation work and the honey is soooo good.


Lawyer/Translator Brown

In mission news, p-day is now a little longer.  They gave us two more hours to do our stuff so that’s cool.


p-day lunch at the church

P-day Haircut at the church by another missionary.  Brave.


Its hot.

This week we managed to find some cool new people despite the heat, with tons of ash, and smoke in the air. A lot of people tell us to go home because the air is bad, but, we just tell them that our house is far away, and, we ask if we can take a break in their house. Sometimes it works and then there are  other people who tell us to straight up leave, but hey, if it works… we’ll keep using it. We found this cool family, they are half members and half not. So they all want to go to church but the hard part is getting them to go. Everyone wants things in life, but not everyone follows through on what they really need to do to get it. I think that is the hardest part of being a missionary is showing people and teaching people how important all of this is for us in our life now, and how much it will change us for the better, and help our families be together forever. The ideas are always beautiful in your heart, but when it all comes to it, it’s always a little bit harder to do, but worth it.

Love you all, have a great week

Elder pizza with M&MS

ps. its crazy how soon ill be coming home.  My date to come home is June 23rd.


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