Week 82 – February 8, 2017

16 Feb

WENA WENA mis wuachitos

This week was another quick one. I really feel like weeks are like 3 days, but I am sure having fun and living it up in Chile.

This week they put new carpet in our apartment because it was so gross! It was perfect timing too because I had just spilled a protein shake all over it that morning, so I didn’t even have to clean it up… and I didn’t clean it up either.

This week we had a great week and found a couple of new people to teach.  AND man, the things people say to us as excuses are so funny. The classic line here in Chile is “Oh, I cant listen right now, I’m busy/working/cleaning”. So, we contacted this lady and she gave us the classic Chilean line, so we responded and asked  if we could help her out with her cleaning. She said, “no, I’m cleaning” so my comp asked her the same thing and she gave us the same response… pretty funny.

Then another thing funny was we were knocking doors, well, yelling doors because we yell, not knock (because most houses are fenced/gated in) thats just how Chile is. And this guy comes out and said, “no I don’t want to listen to you gringos.” My companion responded with I’m from Puerto Rico. The dude said “well your companion is gringo” but then I told him I was from Germany and he said, “ahhh ok, well I guess I’ll listen to what you have to say”. You’re all thinking how Elder Brown lied to the dude… but later I told him I was from the United States… he really didn’t listen to much anyways.

In other new Chile is still on fire but there isn’t as much smoke here so we are very happy about that. We had a big meeting with Elder Packer this week which was really cool and very interesting but I don’t care who you are, when you are in a dark room and someone talks with a peaceful and relaxing voice, its so hard not to fall alseep! You will be happy to know that I didn’t fall asleep, but I was doing the head rock.


Paint Ball Crew

Today for p-day we went and played paintball again and it was super fun! This time I was going hard and running at everyone and playing pretty aggressive. I did get hit a lot because of that, but it was super worth it.


Gearing up

That left a mark!


Tonight we have basketball with our ward and investigators so that will be fun. As I am writing this, I just heard about 5 gun shots but to be honest I have gotten used to it.

This week, I hit my 18 month mark serving my mission, so, following tradition, it was time to burn some pants.  Here is a VIDEO of the official “burning of the pants”. You won’t be able to see the video if you are viewing this through your email, so if you want to see the video  click above on week 82 to link to my blog  where it will show up embedded into my blog and you can see it there.


Elder Brown – 18 month pants


There they go.


Room mates…We all had something to burn/celebrate

Hummm I really cant think of much else that happened this week so I’ll tell you a little bit about Chile. Here they have tons of trees of peaches and its been amazing, they are so good. The fruit here is so cheap and its so good!  Every week I buy about 4 kilos of fruit and it’s so great. Also a little bit of information about our house is we have a neighbor that lives on the floor under us and smokes so much weed, so our house smells like weed. And there is this dog next door that doesn’t stop barking on the porch, so this week we started to throw rocks at it and it stops barking, so hopefully our neighbors don’t see us throwing rocks at their dog.

But this week I had a really good experience with Jesus Maria. We had just finished talking about how God and Jesus are different people and she did not believe us. We showed her many scriptures to prove that we were right but then I realized, I can show her lots of proof or what ever I want, but that wasn’t going to work with her.  So,what I did was bare my testimony to her. I just told her what I knew to be true and testified to her that God and Jesus are two separate personages and after I was finished, she said ” wow Elder eso fue fuerte” (that was strong and powerful). And we told her to pray about it and read the Book of Mormon and we came back a couple days later and she told us how she found her answer and thanked me for my testimony, it was super cool! I felt very good.

Love you all!
Shouts to the Nubs

ELder Hates Dogs


Shout out from My Comp and I.

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