Week 84 – February 22, 2017

25 Feb

sam_0794Well this week was my birthday so thats was fun. I had a really good birthday and a good time in general as usual. A family from my last area invited me to their house to have lunch and I got special permission to go. They threw me a party and we had a bbq, it was very good!

The family Godoy is the family that invited me. I Love this family.

They bought me a super good cake (it was super good) and they even gave me a bunch of presents!


They gave me cool socks. Everyone here knows me for my crazy socks. You’ll never see me with normal black socks. It was a great afternoon and a great way to spend my birthday.sam_0788

Then we went back to our area and worked for the rest of the day and we were out in the street looking for people, but nobody really wanted anything. Then, that night we went to the house of Yenni and we made pizza with m&ms. I think it’s my new favorite pizza… it’s so good. So, if you still haven’t tried it, you need to try it and you wont regret it.


I also got my birthday package from my mom and it was great. sam_0770I got a new hydro flask water bottle and a new camera because mine right now its almost broken. But my water bottle is saving my life because it’s been so hot!

Yesterday, it was so hot, just going outside you start sweating, its crazy.

Also, this week we found a couple of new people. Well a mother and her son, Omar and Aurora. They are super cool! We found them contacting and we shared a lesson with just Aurora and at the end she told us crying how she had been searching for answers to her questions and had asked many people and we were able to give her answers. She told us that “we enlightened her and our message really got to her”, it was a super cool lesson with her. Then we came back on Saturday and she wasn’t home but her son, Omar was home and he wanted to hear what we had to say. And, he told us the same thing and they both came to church this Sunday and really liked it! We were so stoked because it has been very hard for us to find people and we finally found two people that were ready to receive us… super cool. It was a miracle that we found them.

This week, as far as funny stories, there weren’t too many but today for p-day we went and crashed the Columbian p-day.  And,we even got to eat for free which was a huge plus. But, during our soccer game, we kicked a soccer ball over the fence and I went with a couple other missionaries to ask if we could get it back. The dude came out, and with my best and nicest voice, I asked for the ball back and he said no! Like seriously, thats so crazy. I couldn’t believe he said no. So me, being how I am, I got a little mad at the dude and he said we were bad people for kicking balls over the fence. So, I was mad, so I called the police because the last time they had to do the same thing. So after waiting about 2 hours and eating the police man came and I said it was me that called the police.  And the policeman was like all made at me too that we kicked the ball over the fence and then the dude said they wanted to press charges because we broke their roof with the ball! Like seriously! I told the policeman I would be happy to pay for any damage if they could show me the broken roof. So we went over to the house with the policeman and asked for the ball again and they said no, even with the police officer with us right next to us… the dude said no AGAIN! Like seriously, the police said there was nothing he could do. We walked away laughing at the policeman and the dude that took our ball. Later in the chapel the officer wanted to talk to me again and told me we have to be more understanding because, he as well, would be mad if a ball came into his yard every once in a while. I was very over the situation and told him he should be more understanding that its a soccer ball. Our mission President was there and he just laughed at the whole situation and was very impressed with my patience with the police. The dude was a complete door nob.

But, it was a good week! This week and are still going hard on our pastry diet and some how I’m still getting more in shape.

img_8917I read about McKinnon’s scooter accident and I got super scared and super upset at the idiots in the car. Wow, its very lucky she is OK. The brown girls have bad luck with scooters, she crashed like you did mom. Well actually, I think that scooter is cursed its been stolen, crashed, and hit a lot… poor scooter.



Also, this week I lost the keys to our apartment. Not sure where, so we are with out keys to get in.  Then, the next day I lost the phone, but luckily I left it at a house so that was lucky. So now we have to climb through the window by our door to get in the house 3 floors up. It’s pretty scary, not going to lie, but we are going to get a copy made this week. Luckily we live with other missionaries that didn’t lose their keys.

Love you guys,

Shouts to the nubs 20170218_155734

Elder I just want the soccer ball back!

BIRTHDAY VIDEO sent from the Godoy family:

You won’t be able to see the video if you are viewing this through your email, so if you want to see the video  click above on week 84 to link to my blog  where it will show up embedded into my blog at the bottom of the page and you can see it there.

Te mando el video cantao del cumpleaños felizz jajajja..feliz feliz… espero que lo hayas pasado bien con nosotros poe hecho cortito y diferente esta vez en tus 21…. un abrazote ..te queremos mucho!

google translation: (I send you the video happy birthday jajajja..happy happy … I hope you had a good time with us poe done short and different this time in your 21 …. a hug … we love you very much!)

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