Week 85 – March 1, 2017

02 Mar

This week I had changes and I left my last area which was a little sad because there were a couple of people I will really miss. AND, it makes it harder when people cry when you leave. It was weird to say goodbye because to be honest, I felt like I was there for such a short amount of time but really I was there for 6 months! Which is crazy. One of my hardest goodbyes was to a family Fuentes Bastías. They are such sweet people and their grandma was always so good to us. She wanted us to have everything while we were in her house, she really took great care of us.  She is a little 84 year old lady. She was great and her grandson Jordan made it a little hard as well to say goodbye. Also, a family of investigators, Jocelyn and Jesus Maria, they were hard to say goodbye to as well! They both cried, and trapped me, and hugged me. It was pretty funny because they had the whole thing planned how they were going to do it. They both cried and it made me feel a little sad but more than that good about myself knowing that I made an impact on their lives. Then I said goodbye to Jorge and his family. He is special as well and He was the first person we made M&M pizza with. He was sad to see me go because I’m the one that brought him back to church and was able to get his wife to listen to us and go to church. He made M&M pizza and had a family home evening night with us… it was a good night.

The worst part I think about changing areas is packing… and freak, I have a ton of crap. Thank you mom for all the vacuum seal bags because if I didn’t have those, like half of my stuff wouldn’t have fit. So Monday night and Tuesday morning was spent packing all my stuff and it was a difficult puzzle to solve. To be honest, it took a lot of work to do. But after, I think in total 3 or 4 hours of packing I got it all into my suit cases and bags.

My new Sector is called Ducaud and it’s in the same zone as my first area. I was called to be a zone leader so now I have a lot more stuff to do, more responsibilities, and more missionaries to watch out for. But I’m pretty excited to do it and the best part is that I’ve always wanted to come to this area.  AND to make it even better I’m with one of my old companions that I had in lo blanco. I’m with Elder Fowles AGAIN and we are so stoked! When they called our names together, we got soo stoked! My new area is way more ghetto in some parts but in others its super calm so its the best of both worlds. This area is pretty big as well but we do not have bikes, however, but we have a ton of people to teach and to find people here is a lot easier.

The shower in my house here isn’t very good. I had to take a cold shower this morning because the water for some reason wasn’t getting hot. It’s a bigger house so I can do all my exercises with more space.

Well, my comp and I have 1 day together and already have funny stories. Last night we played basketball with the youth of the ward and some people we are teaching and in the end we played all 6 of them verses my companion and I. We beat them still… it was pretty funny.  Then we decided to run home for a little bit of exercise and this dog started to chase us and in lo blanco when that would happen we would count to three and then turn around and start to chase the dog chasing us.  So when we did this, the dog got so scared when it saw us turn around, it ran into a fence.

Today for p-day we got up and did exercises together… it will be super fun to have someone to do exercises with me! Then we left to go buy stuff to make pizza for 10 people. After we got the stuff we went to the stake center and made pizza and watched the movie Interstellar which was super good.


Proof we made the pizza dough.  My new companion Elder Fowles is to the right of me.

Its super cool our President (because there isn’t that much to do in our mission) is letting us watch some movies that he approves so its been super cool. dsc08105

Of course we made a pizza with M&Ms and everyone loved it, so, it was a hit. dsc08104dsc08102We are writing in the chapel right now and drinking mate with juice and it’s super great!

Well ladies and gentlemen its been real.
Love you all
shouts to the nubsquad

Elder Round two with Fowles

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