Week 86 – March 8 ,2017

08 Mar

Well I think now my weeks get shorter and shorter because I feel like I’m in the groove, which is pretty cool!
Being with Elder Fowles again has been fun and it has been easy to make the change. It feels like we were just gone for a couple of days and now we are back together.
He’s been a really good work out buddy. We have this run/mountain climb exercise, its pretty intense. We are literally running mountains here. We have a five mile mountain run, its a super good work out =760 cals.  Basically, we run to this mountain about 2 miles from our house, then we run up this hill, then we climb to the top of the mountain.  Then we get to see the sun rise as we go down the hill. It takes about an hour to do and we get back to the house pretty tired, but its a good time.

This week we found a bunch of people to teach.  I don’t know why, but this area is a lot easier to find people so its been super fun because we are able to get to know so many people. We meet just about every type of person you can imagine, which is really fun.

We had a contact this week and the dude wouldn’t tell us his name. So, we made up a name for him. We told him we would call him “perro” (dogs). So, when ever we see him, or  when ever we are in the street and see him, we yell, “whats up dog” and he always gets so embarrassed. But we are going to keep doing it until he tells us who he is.

Well now that I am a Zone Leader, we have a bunch more meetings to attend.    But its ok because we get a bunch of time with President which is super nice! I have been learning a lot from him. One of the coolest parts about our meetings with him is getting Papa Johns pizza… and he always buys so much,  we get some to bring home.


P Day March Madness…tennis

This week for p-day we were in charge of the activity and it was super good! We decided to hold a “March Madness Tournament” but instead of playing basketball, we played tennis.  Elder Fowles and I got 5th place, which I was a little disappointed in, because we could have played better. But, oh well, the zone really liked it and everyone had a fun time.


Bracket Play

Also, in news today, there is this dog that lives by us that likes to chase us.  So, today, we RAN at it and it just dropped to the floor in fear and played dead. It was super funny.

Well, not a whole lot of time today.  Gotta go.
love you guys

Elder I don’t even like running

PS.  I really now know, that the family is my true happiness! I don’t think I ever realized it before, but I do now.

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