Week 87 – March 15, 2017

17 Mar

Well, well, well, another week has past and they pass quick!  This week, I wrote some things down so when I got to the computer, I would have something to write. Because what normally happens is, I sit down to write my weekly email and I sit for a while blankly staring at the computer and trying to think about what happened this week.



Thing number 1, we had splits with the missionaries from San Martin (my first area) SO that was super fun! I went to their sector with Elder Hiener, a new missionary. So it was great to show him some of the people I know and that he could teach. I guess the ward found out I was going to come for splits because we were very busy the whole day with people that asked the missionaries to come to their house because I was there. The Comas Family is doing great! Both Anontios (dad and son) are still in wheel chairs but they are looking a lot better. I was able to see Mateo, Magno and Rosa as well which was super fun and they are all doing great. It’s super cool going back to see how much people have changed for the better. While I was there, we taught a Haitian man.  There are a ton of Haitian’s coming to Chile and they are such great people! But where they live and the conditions they live in are really sad. We went to his house and to get to his room was like walking through a maze. They rent rooms that have a bed and little kitchen area right by their beds and the house structure is literally a metal shipping box.  Every box has two rooms and one window. Also, the container living areas have a big community shower area, it’s pretty crazy to see. But they are the happiest people in Chile.

We have a member that was recently baptized, her name is Lucia and she’s 80. She is so funny and is always making jokes. We had a lesson with her the other day and we got up to leave and I guess she saw something on my butt, so, as I was walking out I felt her finger nail on my butt.   She yelled at me “Hold still” and she was there for a good five minutes getting what I guess was gum off my butt. Her nails were sharp! My companion was cracking up the whole time.

Last night we tried to explain how you play football and the positions and rules to the two Latinos we live with, Elder Gonzalez and Elder Rodriguez. It was super fun. I think in the end they got it because then we practiced in our living room. I’m pretty sure our neighbors think we are crazy because we were yelling plays and words like “hike”, etc.  We went to bed pretty tired.

Yesterday we had a really cool experience. We went to go and find some members that don’t go to church any more. They live down a big, long dirt road. When we saw them and they saw us, they hurried in their house and closed the gate. So we yelled and yelled but no one came out. We were about to leave and then she (Estrella) came out.  We talked a little, then she invited us in and we had a lesson with her and her daughter (Paulina) who is 30 and her husband (Maricio). She told us how she saw us coming and then ran inside and then she heard someone say “why are you closing the door” and she asked herself “why am I closing the door” and then she went back out to come open the door for us. Maricio has problems with his veins and could die. He has never told anyone that, but, felt he needed to tell us and it was super cool how much people trust us. We were able to give him a blessing and then he told us he wants us to keep coming back so he can learn more about God and how he can feel like he feels when we are in his house. Super cool experience. It was a very cool miracle.

Well thats all of this week.

Much Love,
Elder Old lady magnet

Noche de hogar genial con los mejores!! Grandes amigos !   (family night photos)



my comp, Elder Fowles

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