Week 88 – March 22, 2017

27 Mar

Pday computer time

This week was super busy. But when we are busy we have a lot of good experiences and funny ones as well.
Well, the other day we were in the part of our area that is pretty rough and we were walking on the street and rounded this corner and these two girls were sharpening their knives on the wall. When they saw us they just kept “sharpening” their knives and hit on us as we walked by (Hot right?) in was very strange. I think they thought we were going to find it attractive that they were sharpening their knives on the wall but to there surprise… it didn’t work.
SAM_0937This week we also had the opportunity to go to Santiago to go and do the visa stuff for my companion which was a lot better experience than my last time in the city doing the visa work for myself. We woke up and we were at the bus stop by 7 to go to Santiago and it was a hour and a half bus ride, super fun! But like always it was a day of waiting in line.  But while we were there, we found other missionaries that we are super good friends with from our mission doing the same thing.

SAM_0941So, we had a good 6 hour wait until they would get to our number so we walked around Santiago.  I bought some new mate stuff which has been really nice and we ate a subway and man it was good. I never really appreciated subway until now.  And I got my first soft cookie there from Chile. Im not sure why but the cookies here in Chile are hard. Like they are great cookies, but hard so having a soft one was great.  But the best part of the day was that the office came and picked us up because we were with a guy from the office so we got a ride home with him which made a hour and 30 minute trip into 30 minutes which was great.

Found a couple of new people this week to teach. We found these new kids, they came and played basketball with us last night because they live across the street from the church and wanted to see what we do. They told us at the end they liked being at the church and wanted to know how they could come on Sunday and they said they would like to receive us in their house. It was super cool. So the moral of the story is that playing basketball at night does help you find people to teach which was super cool.


a view from our hike up the mountain this morning.

This week we had a “cosechon” in another area which means all the missionaries from the zone go and contact in one area for an hour. We saw this one house and started to ask for directions which they gave us but then they asked us a couple of questions about what we do and we started to talk after about 5 minutes they asked us to come in and eat empanadas which was perfect because I was hungry. Then we shared with them a scripture and the daughter read it and she started crying and told us she was recently in the bathroom crying because she wants to be a better person and asked God if he could send people to her to help her.  Then, she walked out and found us with her family eating empanadas. She told us we had something amazing that she’s never ever felt so strong in her life. She was amazing,  she invited us to come by next Sunday because she knows what we share is true and already felt it. It was so amazing to see how people are ready to have us and the gospel in their lives. Although I will probably never see her because it’s in the other missionaries area it was a great experience and super spiritual.


Successful trip to the market

This week my companion and I played “chefs” a few times.  We made pancakes with members two times and last night we made cinnamon rolls and man they were so good. I think when I go home I’ll have a good chance at becoming a professional chef… but only if I have directions because without them I would be lost. All the people we make these treats with think they are super good, but they think they are very sweet, which is true!  They think this because they don’t eat much sugar here.

Great week with another one coming!

Loves to everyone,
Elder Sweet tooth Brown




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