Week 89 – March 29, 2017

03 Apr

SAM_0930This week was a good one! We had a good and very busy week and we have another one to coming right up.  Right now we are very overbooked and have appointments until this next Tuesday… we are completely booked. We’re not really sure what we are going to do because a lot of the time we have to be in two places at once. So we will see if we just can’t just cut ourselves in half…

This week, the funny story of the week is… we have parts of our sector where this is just nothing and so people dump their trash in these places.  And, some people, (druggies) make their houses there as well. This week we were crossing this area and we were just talking and we noticed that the sky looked super cool. Then we turned around to see the sunset and caught this dude in the middle of everything pulling down his pants to sit on a bucket to poop. So we just caught this guys full butt and the sunset.

Also funny a thing happened on splits this week. I was with Elder Lesuire and he is a blonde hair, blue eyed kid, and I mean way blonde. We were in his sector and we were walking around and this Haitian guy comes up to us and says “whats up niggas” when he said that, we played it off cool… but in our heads we realized we made it!!! We were in, and we got to talk to all his friends and he was super cool with us and he knew English which was even cooler!SAM_0913

Well, this P-day is another dangerous day in Chile so we can’t leave the house today. We could go out this morning, but only go out until 3 but, after that we have to be in the house. Today is the day where all the jovenes go crazy and they like rob and basically its like the movie, “the purge that’s the only way to describe it. So we found a projector and we are going to make pizza and watch movies so we are pretty excited about that.

Well I’ll write more this next week love you guys
Elder Butts and Sunsets

DSCF0127 (1)

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