Week 90 – April 5, 2017

12 Apr

This week was a good one and still the weeks are passing by quick.

So I guess a cool thing here in is Chile is to wear shirts that are from the United States that have English words/phrases on them.  AND it cracks us up. This week we saw this hard core drug dealer with this shirt that says “DARN GOOD BALLS” And on the back It said “I Heart MEAT BALLS”.   When we saw his shirt of course we told him what it meant, he felt super dumb and then went home. When we passed again later, he had a different shirt on.

This week for P-day we went and played paintball again. It was super fun and I got nailed a couple of times pretty good and nailed a lot of people as well. Then after paint-balling, we got shorma (its like a chicken wrap) its Arabic food. Its pretty good, I love them. After I finish up with our computer time, we are going to go home and take a nap! We are pretty tired, we have been doing a lot.

This week was General Conference which was great, but we were really tired and so before Conference began on Saturday, we had bought a bunch of candy to eat while we were watching. We literally bought I think 4 pounds of candy and it was gone after Sunday.  All the members wanted to sit by us, of course.  They called us Willy Wonka, pretty funny. But the good part was I didn’t fall asleep. One of my favorite talks was by Gary E. Stevenson. He talked about the power of the holy ghost and the function it has in our life. It was a really good talk with good stories as well.

We are teaching a kid named Jose. He is 16 year old and likes the church. He is really cool we had a good lesson with him this week and he came to watch General Conference with us. We also have another named Fransico who is 18 and his girlfriend is a member. We did a special fast with him from Friday to Saturday and then watched conference with him. He felt the holy ghost after conference and we had a great lesson with him yesterday. He should be baptized this next weekend if all goes to plan.

I’m sure having a good time and really seeing a lot of miracles here in the mission. I have been able to really see how much people can change and grow if they want too. Which is really important for us to understand! Because if we want to change, we can do it. If we want to do something, we can do it. But, you really need to want it 100% and if you want it 99%, it won’t happen. So when we do things, go 100% or don’t go at all. That was a rant but it’s true!

Love you guys

Much love for the Crew
Elder Candy man


Sorry no pictures this week.  Computer won’t let me upload.

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