Week 91 – April 12, 2017

18 Apr

SAM_0968So I did some math this week! If you want to know, it was like my first time doing math in like 19 months.  After doing my math, I figured out that I have about 10 weeks left before I go home. Its pretty crazy to think about that because I feel like the time has gone by so fast.

Well this week I lost my favorite pen so that kinda sucks because it was a good pen, but its okay because everyone has a trial and mine this week was my lost pen.

We had a cool activity this week and had a movie night. It went super good and like 60 people showed up from our ward and still more people that we invited to come! It was super good. We watched the movie “Mcfarland” and everyone loved it. Elder Fowles and I made popcorn for everyone.  We made the popcorn in pots  and we made sweet pop corn. It was really good. Everyone was amazed how good our pop corn was. Everyone asked us how we did it. Then we went home and before leaving, we put the oil we had left over (about a liter) in a backpack and left for home.  After arriving home, I put the back pack up stairs and then I wanted to take a shower so I went down the stairs to light the water heater.  AND,  I fell, and I fell hard! It was one of those falls where your feet fly up.  I got super worried when I noticed there was this liquid leaking from upstairs to downstairs. I called Elder Fowles to come check it out… So,  I’m down stairs in my towel and Im all wet in this liquid from upstairs and I don’t have any idea what it is. Then we figured it out! It was the oil from making the popcorn that we put in the back pack that was leaking.  AND still, today, the floor, after A LOT of cleaning and chlorine bleaching is still super slippery, so I have fallen a lot more as well.

Well, we also had an open chapel in our zone so we went to help them out and it was super fun. Elder Fowles and I ran the reference table and got over 30 references which is super cool. I guess you could say we are pretty good at what we do. Basically what we do is show people what our chapels are like and we take them on a tour and tell them a little about our beliefs.   They all say at the end “you guys aren’t that weird” I think a lot of people just think we are weirdos but I’m here to change that.

SAM_0945With Pato and Juan we set a baptismal date with them which we are pretty excited about.  The date is in a while but, they are getting prepared for it and have been coming to church every Sunday and all the activities. They just love the church and its cool because they already worry about the other kids there.SAM_0948

Great week! Sorry about my English and thanks for trying to understand it.

love you guys,
Elder Oil is slippery


Cooking Skills..master tortilla makers


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