Week 92 – April 19, 2017

26 Apr

SAM_1031This week went by fast and the cold is coming on its way which I’m not happy about. I feel like I complain about the heat, but I really love it way more then the cold.

Well this week on Thursday we were in the house about to eat lunch and we heard tires skid and then a car go off fast. But, we thought nothing of it and didn’t hear anything else. So we left our house after lunch and one of our neighbors asked if we heard about the robbing? He told us the almacen (store) literally in front of our house was robbed about 20 minutes ago! Then it all made sense. I guess this car stopped in front of the store and these guys jumped out with guns and robbed the place then took off. It’s crazy because we had no idea and it happened right in front of our house.


view from our window

Then this Saturday we went for a run and had a goal to get to this one street on the other end of our sector and ran and ran and ran. When we got home and I checked my watch, it turned out to be 7 miles! Long and super crazy run.


healthy snack


Love the Acai/Pitaya bowls

This week I had a really cool experience. We were walking in the street at night and we just passed this bus stop and we said “Hi” to this guy and he said “Hi” back.  A pretty normal interaction, but when we walked past him and I got a feeling that I needed to go back. But, I ignored it and every step I took the feeling got stronger and stronger and finally after about 30 feet, I went back because I couldn’t  take it any longer.  The spirit was telling me something so we went back and talked to the guy.  He was super cool and we got his reference and he invited us to his house. He doesn’t live in our sector, but I remember walking away from talking to him and feeling super good! I needed to talk with him. The Holy Ghost talks to us, but I was pretty stubborn to him talking to me. It so cool how he can communicate with us so well, if we allow him to.

Funny story of the week! I don’t know if your ready for it… and if I should share it… but, I will, so enjoy!

Well this week I got kinda sick.  Im still not sure what I ate or how I got it but I wasn’t feeling very good and had been in bed all day. Eventually, I got up and showered because I had to go to an important lesson.  I got ready and then sat on the couch and was ready to go.  THEN, all of a sudden, my stomach got super upset… and with out doing anything, pooped my pants. Just solid liquid and man, I ran upstairs to go check out the situation and it was done for. My pants and everything were thrown away. But they say, if you didn’t poop your pants on the mission, you can’t go home! So better late than never… am I right?


My new Friend

This week we were walking in the street and this guy came up to us and only spoke Portuguese.  He was asking us where something was and I totally understood him. It was sick, my comp didn’t understand, but I was able to communicate with him.  It was super sick, I was stoked that we were able to talk and understand each other, so that was another cool thing I got to do.​

Gooood week!
love you guys,

Elder yes it happened


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