Week 93 – April 26, 2017

03 May

Well this week has been great!

This week I was not sick and pooping my pants so that made this week a whole lot better for sure.

Well, this week has been a little crazy. Elder Perez went home this week so we were in a trió for a couple of days which was actually super fun to be 3 people. We were all super funny together so everyone really loved that. Then yesterday Elder Sarceno left to go be with another single elder. It was cool being with 3 people because when you teach, its amazing how much more in-depth you teach everything and you don’t miss anything which was super great! We had some really good lessons.

So something that we do as a mission is have  open chapels. People and come and take tours of the churches. So as missionaries we go out in the street and talk to people and try to get them to come in and take the tour. We get a lot of people that after they have taken the tour, they want to learn more. So we were walking in the street and found a group of kids playing soccer. There were about 12 kids and we were in a trio so we asked them if we could play with them.  Us 3 against 4 of them. They accepted and we made them a deal that if we won they had to come and take a chapel tour. They accepted the terms, and well, we won! And to make it even better, I scored all of our goals. So all 12 of them went to the open chapel and they got a ton of crap for losing to a bunch of gringos. But they all liked the open chapel.

This week I also got some new “mate” stuff a guy from our ward who went to Argentina. Argentina is the place to get great “mate” stuff so he got me this kit that does it all so I will send a picture this next week.
Also other funny story is that Elder Perez never had used a toaster before so one day this week, he decided to make toast. Side note… before he put the bread in the toaster he put manjar (It is a sort of caramel that can be found everywhere in Chile. Actually, most pastrymaking has manjar in it. You can eat manjar anytime during the day and in many different ways: with bread, cheese, cookies) on top of the bread and then put it in the toaster.  We see the toaster smoking like crazy and we unplug it and then we all found out why it was smoking! He put the manjar on the bread before he put it in the toaster, so now our toaster is broken and is filled with manjar and smokes like crazy. It was super funny! We couldn’t  be mad at him because he didn’t know! The poor kid.

In other news, it getting cold and I’m now being reminded how much I don’t like the cold so that hasn’t been too fun. It’s just cold and now I just stay cold because I’m not used to the cold. As a missionary,  you can’t escape it because once you get warm in a house you have to leave to go to another one.

Well that’s it for this week.
love you all,

Elder Soccer Pro


A view out my window with a view of Hawaii.

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