Week 94 – May 3, 2017

10 May

I had a fun week this week and a really good P-day as well.


My companion Elder Fowles and I

This week for P-day we traveled to Santiago so we could attend the temple.  Getting there was just a total mess, it was crazy! So, we get on the bus at 7:30 in the morning and after 2 stops the bus is just packed full like everyone is just on top of everyone. It was terrible, so then we get to the subway and its even worse. We had to wait in a mass line to push our way into each metro train, it was a nightmare. Everyone was just all over everyone. Luckily I was crammed in by this girl that smelled pretty good and some business guy, so, I wasn’t next to some smelly guy. Then at 9:30 we arrived at the temple. I not going to miss public transportation thats for sure, but worth it so we can attend the temple.


Mission President and his wife and my Zone.

After going to the temple, we went and ate at this “all you can eat” Sushi place. It was so good, and I ate 50 pieces of Sushi, so I left pretty happy and full. I ate the most out of our zone so I’m pretty proud of myself.

Well these past couple of days we have had helicopters flying over our area looking for people and they are out all night. Earlier this week, the Chilean SWAT team came into a part of our area which is super ghetto and they closed down the streets and were checking houses for drugs. I guess they found a ton and it was really funny because for lunch that day it just happened that we needed to get lunch from a member that lives on one of the streets that was closed down. So we asked the SWAT guy if we could go past and get our lunch.   He said no, so she had to come and just give us our food because we couldn’t go in.  Later that day we heard quite a few gun shots from those closed off streets but its all part of the mission experience for sure. But I have never feel in danger at all.

This week we found a really cool new investigator named Veronica. We got her reference from the United States and it was in English so we got super excited because we thought she was going to speak English.  We tried to contact her for about a month,  every time we passed by she was never there. So that last time we were going to go by she was there and she lets us in and gave us some cake. Turns out she doesn’t speak English but she’s super cool and wants to be baptized, but…. she has to quit smoking first, so we are in progress with that. She’s awesome!SAM_1081

Well boys and girls thats all it is for this week! Just remember if your feeling down, or feeling sad, just imagine me in the subway today squashed against the back window!

Elder Public transporter


PS. I finally got my easter package this week!  THANKS MOM!

SAM_1051 - copia

Easter package took almost 2 months to arrive and $98 to send

SAM_1054 - copia

Some of my new lucky socks

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