Week 95 – May 10, 2017

18 May

Some interesting Graffiti

Mom, I know you were worried about all the Sushi I ate last week, but the Sushi was actually pretty good (and safe), I liked it.

Well this week went by quick! As I get closer to going home, the weeks get shorter and shorter. I am starting to feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day to do everything that we need to. This week we found a cool new investigator named Gabriel. He’s a boy and is 8 and he’s super cool. We started teaching him this week and he’s already got us talking to him about baptism. He has been receiving his answers to prayer really quickly and is super excited to progress. We are super happy we were able to meet him.

Also, that helicopter that I talked about last week is still out flying around our neighborhood. So, I guess some crazy stuff is happening but I’ve gotten pretty use to going to bed with helicopter noises. It’s pretty cool to be able to experience all this. This week I was in Los Cristales (pretty sketchy part of our mission) again on divisions and we were walking around, I was with Elder Alfaro, and we were talking about how dangerous this place is.  We talked about how we could never just come in these types of places (like regular people) with out doing what we are doing! It would be way too dangerous. We sure do have all the protection we need while we are serving our mission and that makes us feel safe at all times.

Funny story of the week… well this really happens everyday of the mission.  Everyday, we always trip. Well the reason we trip is because the sidewalks here aren’t anything close to level! There are all these deep cracks in the side walks and places where the cement is very raised all of a sudden and we always get tripped up on them. So when we do, we just “dance it out” to make it seem like we didn’t trip. But, we sure don’t fool anyone! People always laugh when they see Elder Fowles and I dance it off.

This week we made these pancakes that were super good! Well as you know the Chileans don’t eat dinner, they eat “once” which is like tea and some bread (instead of dinner). Most of the nights we don’t eat anything after lunch until breakfast the next morning. But one night some people gave us some cookies to eat. So, what we did is made pancakes and we broke up the cookies and put the cookies in the pancakes. Man they were good!  It was an oreo pancake and they were delicious.

As you have noticed, I write a lot about making food and its not every day that we do it, it’s just something we don’t do every day so it stands out to me. One night we made mini corn dogs and they were pretty delicious.

SAM_1059 - copia - copia

SAM_1055 - copiaSAM_1063 - copia - copiaSAM_1064 - copia (2)

Im also hitting the gym (our living room) hard. Gotta get in shape to come home its pretty crazy to think I’m about to finish up my mission! But I’m still having a ton of fun!


Soccer at the church

Today for P-day we played soccer at the church and it was really fun. I’m starting to really enjoy soccer. As you can all remember, I wasn’t too crazy about soccer in the beginning of my mission, but its grown on me. It was really fun playing today.   As we were playing, it started to sprinkle, so we had to hurry and get through as many games as we could because the soccer  court got to slippery. Your probably asking how do you know when the court is too slick? Well it’s easy when everyone starts falling and… the first and second person to fall really hard is the sign that its too wet. But we all had a fun time.


My trusty basketball shoes have been converted into soccer shoes.

After we finish writing we will probably order some food and take a nap. We are pretty tired.

We have got a couple baptisms coming up on the 3rd of June. Patricio and Juan Pablo and Fernanda are getting baptized. They are pretty stoked about it as well as we are! Then on the 18th of June Veronica will get baptized which will be my last weekend before I go home so we are also excited for that. When we asked her to be baptized she started crying because she was so excited! There is a lot happening and a lot of excitement so all is well here the the area of Ducuad.

Lastly remember the morning run/hike/mountain climb I talked about a few weeks ago, here is a progress video showing moments of our hike:


You won’t be able to see the video if you are viewing this through your email, so if you want to see the video click above on week 95 to link to my blog  where it will show up embedded into my blog at the bottom of the page and you can see it there.


love you all,
Elder Just Dance It Off




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