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Week 100 – June 14, 2017

SAM_1103-1Well boys and girls it’s about the last time that I’ll be writing you guys (I’m still not really sure if I’m even going to write next week but we will see). The weeks have become days now. The time has been going by so fast it’s crazy and its so crazy to think that I’ll be home in a little bit. But this week has been sweet.

We had a meeting for all the Elders that are going home soon and talked about that kind of stuff and basically preparing us to go home. It was super weird. But it sure did wake me up and I’m working super hard and trying my best like always.

This week one of my people that I taught named Susan went through the temple and it was so sick! I was able to go with Elder Smith and it was awesome to see her so happy in the temple.


Elder Smith (my son) and Susan and myself. Great day.

She was very grateful for all that I did for her ever since I left her area. I emailed her every week asking her when she was going to go through the temple and last week she told me it would be this week and I was so stoked! 20170610_190158~2

20170610_185403~2After we went to the temple, we had an “once” (evening snack) with everyone and it was fun. Then I got sick again from being out in the cold and got this pretty nasty infection so I am like coughing up a lung, but its all good, because I got to do what it takes to finish strong.

This week we had our interviews for the baptism of Patricio and Juan Pablo and they will both be getting baptized this Saturday… my last Saturday of my mission. So, we are super stoked and so are they! Patricio left with us the other day to go to some visits with us and he was super excited. He says, “I can’t wait until I’m 18 so I can go and do what you guys do.” It was a super cool moment. It was really cool to take a step back and really think, wow I’m an example to someone.


Pday activities

This week was just another good week in the ghetto. This week I learned a lot about drugs which was cool because I met this investigator guy that arrests all the drug addicts we teach so it was cool to see both sides. I think it will be weird to go home and see streets without anyone in them and people standing on every corner selling drugs.

Funny story of the week. Well, this is actually more fun for you guys but for me and my comp a problem. So our back door doesn’t lock and this freaking cat keeps opening the dang door and getting in and ripping up our trash bags and dumps trash all over our floor. Then… to really kick us while we are down, the cats freaking signature move is to pee on the floor right where I do my work outs! So we have been thinking of ways all day to catch this cat and cut its whiskers off so it wont have its balance and then maybe never come back to our house. So I think I’m going to make a trap so it gets its foot stuck in a net. Stay tuned to see if the freaking cat gets caught!

But yeah one week left and its going to go by super quick.

Much love to the crew
Love you all
love my family

Elder CAt CAtcher


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Week 99 – June 7, 2017


Well well well another week down. This week was definitely a lot colder than the last one so Elder brown was wearing all the warm clothes he had. If it gets too much colder, I don’t know what I’ll do. But its all good, I just have to wait it out and work hard for a couple more weeks.


Heat source in most Chilean Homes

This week the winter got to me and I got a cold so that wasn’t very fun but its all good, part of the experience.

But I’m really having fun and the time is going by super quick. I feel as if yesterday I was just writing all you guys. I still really don’t feel as if I’m going home yet… it kinda feels super far away but its for sure sneaking up on me.

We are set, it looks like, for the baptism of Juan Pablo, Fernanda, and Patricio for the 17 of June. We are all excited for it! We had to wait a little because they missed a couple of Sundays here and there so to make sure they are ready we waited a little longer. They are such good kids and its super cool how even in little kids you can see how the gospel changes their lives it super cool to see.

In other news we helped a family of investigators move into their new house on Saturday and it kinda sucks because now we can’t teach them because they live outside of our area. So that was a bummer. But man moving people here is so easy because all the houses are really small so we only needed like one truck to put everything they had in it which made it all a whole lot easier. I can remember my family moving and we got 2 big huge semi trucks full of stuff and it look like a week for professional movers to pack everything up. It took us a couple of hours to do it all (load and unload the truck) so that was good.

Yesterday we were in the street and this Chilean worker guy yelled at me “Como sa va?” no that is not Spanish it is Creole the language the Haitians speak. I didn’t know what to say back. I know a little bit of Creole because there are a lot of Haitians here in Chile but I look nothing like a Haitian. So, instead I went up to the guy and asked him if he really thought I was Haitian and the guy said don’t all immigrants speak the same language? Then I had to give him a history lesson. So, moral of the story is get an education and really learn about other places and cultures because your not the only one or country in the world. Then after the history lesson the dude yelled at me and told me to go back to my country. But I’m kinda of use to that by now.

Lets see, this week we also had an open chapel in the zone which are always fun. We just find people on the street and see if they want to take a tour of the chapel which is fun. But this time I wasn’t outside looking for people, I was taking the people that came in through the tour and talking to them about baptism which was super fun and a lot warmer. We got to meet a bunch of people.


We wore our white clothes to teach about baptim

SAM_1129On Sunday before the open chapel, I made the zone scones to eat while they were there. Some times I feel like the “soccer mom” who brings cookies and goodies for everyone so they are happy… but I for sure like to make all the guys in my zone feel happy. They have a saying here in Chile and it goes like this “full stomach equals a happy heart”.


Pday BBQ lunch

But yeah, I’m really loving the mission and I love helping the people here in Chile learn about the restored gospel. I love to teach them about how their family can be together for ever. I think that is something that has really impacted me on my mission is that families really can be together forever and that death doesn’t have to separate us. After we die, we can all be together again as a family for eternity… and that, I LOVE.

Love you all
Love my family

Elder soccer mom

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Week 98 – June 1, 2017

Well here I am on the one month mark until I get home! Its pretty crazy and I still think I’ll be here in Chile for another year. I still don’t feel like I’m going home in so little time.

Still out here working and having fun. It’s getting colder so that hasn’t been too fun. I’m not a big fan of the cold.

This week was a busy week and we had a good time while doing it. We had a ward movie night again because it was a big hit the last time we did it so we spent a lot of time passing out invitations to the people in our ward to get them there. It went well. We watched “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” it was good. I had never seen it before and everyone else seemed to like it as well. I worked like a slave cooking all the popcorn on the stove for everyone. They all love my popcorn… and they should because it’s really good.


Zone Soccer day

I got to give a talk in church this past Sunday. I talked about the conversion and it went really well, I just told a lot of stories experiences that I have had on the mission and how they have helped me become a better person and become a better follower on Christ. It was good! And man, it was really easy to give a talk. I only knew was speaking a couple of minutes before I needed to speak, but it was really easy. I think that is something I’ve gotten better at on the mission. I feel Im really able to talk to people on a deeper level and be able to really teach people in a unique way so that it’s interesting and they understand.

This week was also a little sad because Jamie Ortega died this Monday night. It was something I was expecting but never though would come. So on Tuesday I went to his viewing and was able to talk to his family. They were doing good and when I got there, some people told me they had be waiting for and Elder Brown to arrive and it made me feel really loved. I LOVE that family so much and yeah it was sad to know I wouldn’t see Jamie again but something cool that we believe is that death isn’t the end and we will see our families and friends again in the next life. Thats a promise of God. Man, do I love that family a bunch! They are my FAMILY in Chile for sure.


Ortega Family (Im sitting next to Jamie)

So then on Wednesday we went to the funeral service and it was great as well.

After the funeral we went to Presidents house because my comp just completed a year on the mission and they were going to have a party at president house for him.

Something funny that happened this week was…. now I don’t have the Evil dog curse because it looks like I passed it onto my companion. This week I only stepped in poop once and he did everyday this week the poor guy. I couldn’t help but laugh every time because I know what he feels like. But I think I have conquered the dogs of Chile so now, I can come home.

Since I’ll be leaving this place soon, I wanted to document and give you a tour of my neighborhood and house.


Living Room





SAM_1049 - copia

My Closet

Love you guys

Elder Chind3r

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Week 97 – May 24, 2017

This week was a good one!

Well, I’m going into my last change so that has been really crazy to think that I’ll be finishing up here so soon. We had changes this week so my run with Elder Fowles came to an end which was kinda sad. I was his companion for 6 months (two different time periods) of my mission so 1/4 of my mission I was with him and he’s been a really good friend in the mission so I was hoping I was going to finish with him. But, I got a new companion from Mexico, his name is Elder Canaan and he’s a cool guy. I will still be a zone leader.


Good times with Elder Fowles

A couple weeks back I lost my name tag that goes on my coats and sweaters which is very necessary as a missionary. Well, somehow during the day, it fell off and it fell of outside of my sector pretty far away. So I totally thought it was gone and after losing this one, I only had one more name tag. But this week we were walking in the street and this lady comes up to us and says, “hey, I found this in the street. I think this is one of yours.” and it was my name badge! So, I was super stoked that she found it. Pretty cool experience.


My new companion Elder Canaan

This Saturday we were walking to one of our investigators home after an activity in another ward and she lives in the dangerous part of our area. We got to her house and there were these two drug addict guys fighting right outside her house and just yelling and hitting each other. But it was late, and we needed to get home quick, so we just walked right through the fight and took her to her door.  It really wasn’t scary at all, I guess now  I’m just kind of use to these situations. It will be weird to go home and not see that kind of stuff anymore.


Late… time to get home

So, funny story of the week… more just a funny mental image I’ll give you guys. Fowles was saying goodbye to people from our sector and we had to go really far so we asked this family if we could use their bikes. They said yes, but their bikes where very tiny!  Sooo, Elder Fowles and I were riding these tiny bikes all around our sector and just peddling our hearts out but going still super slow because a lot of peddling gets you almost nowhere on these bikes. People would whistle at us as we went by.

Today for pday we woke up, I worked out, then we took naps, and now we are going to go to the temple to see Sandra (a lady I taught in my last sector) go through the temple so I’m pretty stoked for her that she will be able to complete her goal.


Sandra and I at the temple.


I’m so busy and getting pretty tired in the mission but still working hard.

Love you all

Elder Tiny biker



Dogs just hanging out in an eating establishment


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Week 96 – May 17, 2017


picture was blurry, but amazing to see my fam

Mothers day weekend is always a good week because I’m able to talk to my Mom and family through Skype and it was great! Its weird to see how everyone is growing up and changing! I feel like I’m going to go home and not really recognize them and everyone looks so much taller as well. But it was super great to be able to see and talk to them. My sister McKinnon even joined in on the call from Hawaii, so that was fun to see her.

Here is  quick video so you can see what a phone call looks like:

As you know, Im the zone leader and we all wanted to do something special for our moms, so we all decided to all get together and make a short video for our moms for mothers day expressing a few of the things they taught us.  Here is the link to You Tube so you can watch it if you want:


Well this week was a great one! We found a new family to teach. We contacted Claudia on the bus one day while she was on her way to college. She happened to live in our area and so she gave us her address and this Sunday we went to her house to see if she was there. She was home and invited us in so we could share our message. Her mom and dad were there as well and they wanted to listen to our lesson as well, so, we were able to share with them all. The lesson went super well and everything flowed perfectly and they all had great questions for us. We finished and THEY invited us back so they could learn more because they liked how they felt when we taught them. It was a really good find. Then after  our lesson, we went to a members home so I could Skype with my family. So Sunday was a really good day for me.

Also this week I did a baptismal interview which I love to do because the people are always so excited to be baptized! They always just tell you a bunch about their lives which I really like to hear and its always super good to see and understand how they can see the difference in themselves and the people around them by living the teachings of Jesus Christ. She was baptized on Sunday and we were able to go and see it so that was great. The water heater wasn’t working at the church so they had to do the baptism with cold water and it was a cold day outside.


This week for P-day we woke up and went to the north end of our mission looking for some soccer apparel from this store that sells real soccer stuff but for like half the price. Not sure how they do it legally but somehow they do. We went and they had nothing in my size but my comp found a cool jersey. But getting there we walk about 4 miles I kid you not looking for the freaking store! And… it turns out we passed it like 3 or 4 times before we found it. After the jersey hunt,  we went back to the stake center and with our zone ordered sushi and watched Minions. It was fun and I think funnier the second time I watched it.


Funny story of the week. hmmm lets see… well this week I stepped in poop and more poop and more poop. I was sitting in a lesson and we were teaching and I would smell this terrible smell… like aweful! So, I was looking around the room and at everyones shoes to see if they had stepped in dog poop but all there shoes were clean. I figured that their dog was just letting farts go  and that was the stinky smell.  But then I thought I would check my shoes and my shoe was just caked on the bottom with dog poop, like bad, so I  had to deal with my dog poop smell the whole lesson. So I made the lesson really short because I couldn’t take the smell anymore. Then we went outside and right in-front of the door you could see where I stepped in this huge dog poop. I feel bad for everyone in the house too because my comp said it smelt pretty bad in there, oh well. Dogs are always after me weather its poop or biting me.

Elder poopie shoe

love you guys

shout out to all the nubs

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