Week 96 – May 17, 2017

05 Jun

picture was blurry, but amazing to see my fam

Mothers day weekend is always a good week because I’m able to talk to my Mom and family through Skype and it was great! Its weird to see how everyone is growing up and changing! I feel like I’m going to go home and not really recognize them and everyone looks so much taller as well. But it was super great to be able to see and talk to them. My sister McKinnon even joined in on the call from Hawaii, so that was fun to see her.

Here is  quick video so you can see what a phone call looks like:

As you know, Im the zone leader and we all wanted to do something special for our moms, so we all decided to all get together and make a short video for our moms for mothers day expressing a few of the things they taught us.  Here is the link to You Tube so you can watch it if you want:


Well this week was a great one! We found a new family to teach. We contacted Claudia on the bus one day while she was on her way to college. She happened to live in our area and so she gave us her address and this Sunday we went to her house to see if she was there. She was home and invited us in so we could share our message. Her mom and dad were there as well and they wanted to listen to our lesson as well, so, we were able to share with them all. The lesson went super well and everything flowed perfectly and they all had great questions for us. We finished and THEY invited us back so they could learn more because they liked how they felt when we taught them. It was a really good find. Then after  our lesson, we went to a members home so I could Skype with my family. So Sunday was a really good day for me.

Also this week I did a baptismal interview which I love to do because the people are always so excited to be baptized! They always just tell you a bunch about their lives which I really like to hear and its always super good to see and understand how they can see the difference in themselves and the people around them by living the teachings of Jesus Christ. She was baptized on Sunday and we were able to go and see it so that was great. The water heater wasn’t working at the church so they had to do the baptism with cold water and it was a cold day outside.


This week for P-day we woke up and went to the north end of our mission looking for some soccer apparel from this store that sells real soccer stuff but for like half the price. Not sure how they do it legally but somehow they do. We went and they had nothing in my size but my comp found a cool jersey. But getting there we walk about 4 miles I kid you not looking for the freaking store! And… it turns out we passed it like 3 or 4 times before we found it. After the jersey hunt,  we went back to the stake center and with our zone ordered sushi and watched Minions. It was fun and I think funnier the second time I watched it.


Funny story of the week. hmmm lets see… well this week I stepped in poop and more poop and more poop. I was sitting in a lesson and we were teaching and I would smell this terrible smell… like aweful! So, I was looking around the room and at everyones shoes to see if they had stepped in dog poop but all there shoes were clean. I figured that their dog was just letting farts go  and that was the stinky smell.  But then I thought I would check my shoes and my shoe was just caked on the bottom with dog poop, like bad, so I  had to deal with my dog poop smell the whole lesson. So I made the lesson really short because I couldn’t take the smell anymore. Then we went outside and right in-front of the door you could see where I stepped in this huge dog poop. I feel bad for everyone in the house too because my comp said it smelt pretty bad in there, oh well. Dogs are always after me weather its poop or biting me.

Elder poopie shoe

love you guys

shout out to all the nubs

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