Week 100 – June 14, 2017

20 Jun

SAM_1103-1Well boys and girls it’s about the last time that I’ll be writing you guys (I’m still not really sure if I’m even going to write next week but we will see). The weeks have become days now. The time has been going by so fast it’s crazy and its so crazy to think that I’ll be home in a little bit. But this week has been sweet.

We had a meeting for all the Elders that are going home soon and talked about that kind of stuff and basically preparing us to go home. It was super weird. But it sure did wake me up and I’m working super hard and trying my best like always.

This week one of my people that I taught named Susan went through the temple and it was so sick! I was able to go with Elder Smith and it was awesome to see her so happy in the temple.


Elder Smith (my son) and Susan and myself. Great day.

She was very grateful for all that I did for her ever since I left her area. I emailed her every week asking her when she was going to go through the temple and last week she told me it would be this week and I was so stoked! 20170610_190158~2

20170610_185403~2After we went to the temple, we had an “once” (evening snack) with everyone and it was fun. Then I got sick again from being out in the cold and got this pretty nasty infection so I am like coughing up a lung, but its all good, because I got to do what it takes to finish strong.

This week we had our interviews for the baptism of Patricio and Juan Pablo and they will both be getting baptized this Saturday… my last Saturday of my mission. So, we are super stoked and so are they! Patricio left with us the other day to go to some visits with us and he was super excited. He says, “I can’t wait until I’m 18 so I can go and do what you guys do.” It was a super cool moment. It was really cool to take a step back and really think, wow I’m an example to someone.


Pday activities

This week was just another good week in the ghetto. This week I learned a lot about drugs which was cool because I met this investigator guy that arrests all the drug addicts we teach so it was cool to see both sides. I think it will be weird to go home and see streets without anyone in them and people standing on every corner selling drugs.

Funny story of the week. Well, this is actually more fun for you guys but for me and my comp a problem. So our back door doesn’t lock and this freaking cat keeps opening the dang door and getting in and ripping up our trash bags and dumps trash all over our floor. Then… to really kick us while we are down, the cats freaking signature move is to pee on the floor right where I do my work outs! So we have been thinking of ways all day to catch this cat and cut its whiskers off so it wont have its balance and then maybe never come back to our house. So I think I’m going to make a trap so it gets its foot stuck in a net. Stay tuned to see if the freaking cat gets caught!

But yeah one week left and its going to go by super quick.

Much love to the crew
Love you all
love my family

Elder CAt CAtcher


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