Week 97 – May 24, 2017

20 Jun

This week was a good one!

Well, I’m going into my last change so that has been really crazy to think that I’ll be finishing up here so soon. We had changes this week so my run with Elder Fowles came to an end which was kinda sad. I was his companion for 6 months (two different time periods) of my mission so 1/4 of my mission I was with him and he’s been a really good friend in the mission so I was hoping I was going to finish with him. But, I got a new companion from Mexico, his name is Elder Canaan and he’s a cool guy. I will still be a zone leader.


Good times with Elder Fowles

A couple weeks back I lost my name tag that goes on my coats and sweaters which is very necessary as a missionary. Well, somehow during the day, it fell off and it fell of outside of my sector pretty far away. So I totally thought it was gone and after losing this one, I only had one more name tag. But this week we were walking in the street and this lady comes up to us and says, “hey, I found this in the street. I think this is one of yours.” and it was my name badge! So, I was super stoked that she found it. Pretty cool experience.


My new companion Elder Canaan

This Saturday we were walking to one of our investigators home after an activity in another ward and she lives in the dangerous part of our area. We got to her house and there were these two drug addict guys fighting right outside her house and just yelling and hitting each other. But it was late, and we needed to get home quick, so we just walked right through the fight and took her to her door.  It really wasn’t scary at all, I guess now  I’m just kind of use to these situations. It will be weird to go home and not see that kind of stuff anymore.


Late… time to get home

So, funny story of the week… more just a funny mental image I’ll give you guys. Fowles was saying goodbye to people from our sector and we had to go really far so we asked this family if we could use their bikes. They said yes, but their bikes where very tiny!  Sooo, Elder Fowles and I were riding these tiny bikes all around our sector and just peddling our hearts out but going still super slow because a lot of peddling gets you almost nowhere on these bikes. People would whistle at us as we went by.

Today for pday we woke up, I worked out, then we took naps, and now we are going to go to the temple to see Sandra (a lady I taught in my last sector) go through the temple so I’m pretty stoked for her that she will be able to complete her goal.


Sandra and I at the temple.


I’m so busy and getting pretty tired in the mission but still working hard.

Love you all

Elder Tiny biker



Dogs just hanging out in an eating establishment


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