Week 98 – June 1, 2017

20 Jun

Well here I am on the one month mark until I get home! Its pretty crazy and I still think I’ll be here in Chile for another year. I still don’t feel like I’m going home in so little time.

Still out here working and having fun. It’s getting colder so that hasn’t been too fun. I’m not a big fan of the cold.

This week was a busy week and we had a good time while doing it. We had a ward movie night again because it was a big hit the last time we did it so we spent a lot of time passing out invitations to the people in our ward to get them there. It went well. We watched “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” it was good. I had never seen it before and everyone else seemed to like it as well. I worked like a slave cooking all the popcorn on the stove for everyone. They all love my popcorn… and they should because it’s really good.


Zone Soccer day

I got to give a talk in church this past Sunday. I talked about the conversion and it went really well, I just told a lot of stories experiences that I have had on the mission and how they have helped me become a better person and become a better follower on Christ. It was good! And man, it was really easy to give a talk. I only knew was speaking a couple of minutes before I needed to speak, but it was really easy. I think that is something I’ve gotten better at on the mission. I feel Im really able to talk to people on a deeper level and be able to really teach people in a unique way so that it’s interesting and they understand.

This week was also a little sad because Jamie Ortega died this Monday night. It was something I was expecting but never though would come. So on Tuesday I went to his viewing and was able to talk to his family. They were doing good and when I got there, some people told me they had be waiting for and Elder Brown to arrive and it made me feel really loved. I LOVE that family so much and yeah it was sad to know I wouldn’t see Jamie again but something cool that we believe is that death isn’t the end and we will see our families and friends again in the next life. Thats a promise of God. Man, do I love that family a bunch! They are my FAMILY in Chile for sure.


Ortega Family (Im sitting next to Jamie)

So then on Wednesday we went to the funeral service and it was great as well.

After the funeral we went to Presidents house because my comp just completed a year on the mission and they were going to have a party at president house for him.

Something funny that happened this week was…. now I don’t have the Evil dog curse because it looks like I passed it onto my companion. This week I only stepped in poop once and he did everyday this week the poor guy. I couldn’t help but laugh every time because I know what he feels like. But I think I have conquered the dogs of Chile so now, I can come home.

Since I’ll be leaving this place soon, I wanted to document and give you a tour of my neighborhood and house.


Living Room





SAM_1049 - copia

My Closet

Love you guys

Elder Chind3r

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