Week 99 – June 7, 2017

20 Jun


Well well well another week down. This week was definitely a lot colder than the last one so Elder brown was wearing all the warm clothes he had. If it gets too much colder, I don’t know what I’ll do. But its all good, I just have to wait it out and work hard for a couple more weeks.


Heat source in most Chilean Homes

This week the winter got to me and I got a cold so that wasn’t very fun but its all good, part of the experience.

But I’m really having fun and the time is going by super quick. I feel as if yesterday I was just writing all you guys. I still really don’t feel as if I’m going home yet… it kinda feels super far away but its for sure sneaking up on me.

We are set, it looks like, for the baptism of Juan Pablo, Fernanda, and Patricio for the 17 of June. We are all excited for it! We had to wait a little because they missed a couple of Sundays here and there so to make sure they are ready we waited a little longer. They are such good kids and its super cool how even in little kids you can see how the gospel changes their lives it super cool to see.

In other news we helped a family of investigators move into their new house on Saturday and it kinda sucks because now we can’t teach them because they live outside of our area. So that was a bummer. But man moving people here is so easy because all the houses are really small so we only needed like one truck to put everything they had in it which made it all a whole lot easier. I can remember my family moving and we got 2 big huge semi trucks full of stuff and it look like a week for professional movers to pack everything up. It took us a couple of hours to do it all (load and unload the truck) so that was good.

Yesterday we were in the street and this Chilean worker guy yelled at me “Como sa va?” no that is not Spanish it is Creole the language the Haitians speak. I didn’t know what to say back. I know a little bit of Creole because there are a lot of Haitians here in Chile but I look nothing like a Haitian. So, instead I went up to the guy and asked him if he really thought I was Haitian and the guy said don’t all immigrants speak the same language? Then I had to give him a history lesson. So, moral of the story is get an education and really learn about other places and cultures because your not the only one or country in the world. Then after the history lesson the dude yelled at me and told me to go back to my country. But I’m kinda of use to that by now.

Lets see, this week we also had an open chapel in the zone which are always fun. We just find people on the street and see if they want to take a tour of the chapel which is fun. But this time I wasn’t outside looking for people, I was taking the people that came in through the tour and talking to them about baptism which was super fun and a lot warmer. We got to meet a bunch of people.


We wore our white clothes to teach about baptim

SAM_1129On Sunday before the open chapel, I made the zone scones to eat while they were there. Some times I feel like the “soccer mom” who brings cookies and goodies for everyone so they are happy… but I for sure like to make all the guys in my zone feel happy. They have a saying here in Chile and it goes like this “full stomach equals a happy heart”.


Pday BBQ lunch

But yeah, I’m really loving the mission and I love helping the people here in Chile learn about the restored gospel. I love to teach them about how their family can be together for ever. I think that is something that has really impacted me on my mission is that families really can be together forever and that death doesn’t have to separate us. After we die, we can all be together again as a family for eternity… and that, I LOVE.

Love you all
Love my family

Elder soccer mom

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